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Uefa launch probe into 'discriminatory incidents' during Germany-Hungary match
The fixture was overshadowed by a row over a new Hungarian anti-LGBTQ law.
# discriminatory
Canadian province makes it illegal to force women to wear high heels at work
The premier of British-Columbia has said companies can no longer impose such a rule.
# Bad Idea
Nivea pulls 'racist' advert that bore the message 'white is purity'
This wasn’t the first occasion that Nivea’s advertisements have drawn public condemnation.
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Focus intensifies on how Ireland should deal with Trump's travel ban
The issue of US pre-clearance in Irish airports is under intense scrutiny following the travel ban.
'The media should tell the truth about the alt-right'
The alt-right is a phenomenon, and matters to public life – so the media should report on it by telling the truth about it, writes Julien Mercille.
# wheely bad idea
Jewish group tried to ban mums from driving their kids to its schools
It is now reported to have backed down and said it shouldn’t have sent out the letter announcing the ban.