In honour of the Entourage movie, here's 12 sporting cameos from the HBO show

Some of sport’s biggest names have appeared on the show.

THE ENTOURAGE MOVIE may not hit Irish screens until 19 June, but the long awaited film of the HBO series will make its debut in the US this Wednesday.

The movie is set for a huge amount of sporting cameos with New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and Steven Ridley set for appearances, as well as Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson.

NBA stars Kevin Durant and Amar’e Stoudemire will also feature, and even Thierry Henry’s head is expected to pop up during the film.

With that in mind, we’ve scanned back through the eight series of the legendary show to pick out our favourite cameos from some of the world’s elite sporting stars.

Chuck Liddell – Series 3 Episode 16

BrightEyesJK / YouTube

You need to be really brave or really stupid to try take on UFC legend Chuck Liddell for a parking space, and Johnny Drama is certainly somewhere between the two.

Thinking it’s all part of an elaborate TV show prank, Drama decides to front up to the Iceman, much to Turtle’s annoyance.

Liddell’s cameo in season three is one of the best from the eight series, simply for the look on Turtle’s face the second Drama lays on the bravado.

Also, while Chuck is a fearsome guy, he’s also a family man.

Micheal Phelps – Series 5 Episode 12

uplodamon / YouTube

There are a number of reasons why this clip is so wonderful.

For starters, it’s short and sweet, Phelps and E bumping shoulders crossing the road in Manhattan.

Secondly, they description of the video on YouTube: “World class power lifter and 4 time academy award winner Michael Phelps makes a short appearance on Entourage. He tries to fight E, but since E is just an insurance broker (on the show) he backs down because his salary wouldn’t cover the medical bills.”

I detect some sarcasm.

Phil Mickelson – Series 5 Episode 6

You’re probably on a hiding to nothing when Phil Mickelson is coaching your opponent, and that’s where Ari Gold found himself.

Ari was smooching a movie executive trying to get Vince a part in a movie, but found Leftie by his opponent Alan’s side shot for shot.

However, as he tends to, Ari got the last laugh when Alan died and Vince found himself starring in the movie.

As acting cameos go, Phil’s isn’t the most memorable.

Tom Brady -Series 6 Episode 5

Tom Brady is one of the many sports stars who’ll feature in the movie and he also has a decent cameo in the TV show, playing a round of golf with the guys – and Mark Wahlberg – during season six.

Despite being portrayed as some kind of super-villain in the past two weeks, Brady is all charm in this episode, inviting Turtle and Jamie-Lynn Siegler over for dinner with him and Gisele.

However, as great as Brady is, he’s got nothing on Drama’s Payne Stewart inspired dress sense.

LeBron James – Series 6 Episode 12

LeBron James, a rogue for guilt-tripping people into making charitable donations.

LeBron, who at the time was still in his first spell with the Cleveland Cavaliers, ran into Vince and Johnny Drama catching a plane, before helping Matt Damon milk $150,000 out of Vince for a children’s charity.

He didn’t say much, but at 6ft 8 inches, he certainly has plenty of screen presence.

Adrian Peterson – Series 7 Episode 3

patriothead22 / YouTube

Not the most dramatic moment in Entourage history, but there’s something incredibly intriguing about Adrian Peterson trying to sell you the skull of a recently discovered dinosaur species.

Mike Tyson – Series 7 Episode 5

As acting performances go, Iron Mike probably puts forward the best sporting effort, and there are some genuinely funny lines in his short appearance.

Tyson is meeting with Ari to discuss some new working opportunities, looking for, “a steady, respectable job. Something 9-5.” He suggests that he could star in “the black Brady Bunch”. He’s eyeing Jessica Simpson to co-star, and it’s a real shame this never became an actual TV show.

Don’t make any ear jokes though.

Chris Bosh – Series 7 Episode 7

cboshtv / YouTube

A word of warning: if you ever invite Chris Bosh over for supper, don’t give him tequila. He does not like tequila.

With Turtle keen on bringing a variety of the tipple into Southern California, he’s kissing up to some big names, and throwing a party exclusively serving the product.

However, Chris Bosh wants vodka, or anything that isn’t tequila, and he’s willing to pay a lot of money for it.

Drew Brees – Series 7 Episode 10

Jen Nelly / YouTube

The seventh season was peak time for sports stars making Entourage cameos, and this episode in particular also featured NBA star Kevin Love, former Laker Jordan Farmar, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard.

However New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees steals the show, shutting down Turtle who is still trying to flog shares in the tequila company.

Brees fobs him off with the classic bad reception excuse, which we’ve all done at one time or another.

Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Amar’e Stoudemire and Michael Strahan – Season 8 Episode 7

The second last episode of the show was flooded with New York’s finest.

Still looking for money from big-shots, Turtle is haranguing Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees before A-Rod steps in to give Turtle a telling off.

He also plagues the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire — who will also have a cameo in the movie — for help, as well as former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan.

It doesn’t go well.

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