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Fantasyland: RvP v Arsenal? Expect goals, and plenty of them
Caught your breath after the League Cup yet? Good. On we go…

AFTER A RUMBELOWS CUP interlude that can best be described as completely bat**it mental, we’re back to Premier League action this weekend and there’s plenty to keep us interested.

The first – and arguably best – game of the weekend comes with the clash of Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford. There are five 3pm games for Jeff, Charlie, Paul Merson et al to bluster their way through on Saturday, before the champions travel to West Ham.

Liverpool are in action on Sunday against Newcastle, and the whole cycle ends again with West Brom’s 3-0 win over Southampton on Monday evening.

Two players to pick this week

Fernando Torres

He simply HAS to start scoring a hatful of goals some time soon, and with Danny Sturridge not trusted by Roberto di Matteo (especially after a poor performance as Torres’ stand-in on Wednesday), the Spaniard has yet another chance to get going on Saturday. The Blues are away to Swansea, whose efforts to play actual football should allow plenty of counter attacks from the visitors. Torres just has to convert the chances that Mata, Oscar and Hazard are bound to put on a plate for him. We are holding our breath.

Robin van Persie

You just know he’s going to score against Arsenal. You can see the non-celebration as if it’s already happened, the Dutchman trying to remain stony faced while Arsene kicks the nearest water bottle.

Two players to avoid this week

Luis Suarez

Confidence is fluctuating in Liverpool and, after their miniest of mini revivals was halted by Swansea in midweek, don’t expect confidence to be too high ahead of Sunday’s clash with Newcastle. Suarez will be well shepherded by Messrs Williamson and Coloccini, though you wouldn’t rule out goals from elsewhere in the Liverpool team.

Theo Walcott

Don’t be fooled by the midweek hat-trick – all the evidence suggests that Arsene Wenger should finally give Walcott his chance as a centre-forward. However, the Frenchman is nothing if not stubborn and is far more likely to stick with Olivier Giroud as a non-scoring and pointless lump of diffident handsomeness up front. Theo back to the bench, then.


Man United 3-1 Arsenal
Fulham 1-2 Everton
Norwich 0-0 Stoke City
Sunderland 0-0 Aston Villa
Swansea 0-4 Chelsea
Tottenham 2-2 Wigan
West Ham 1-1 Man City
QPR 2-1 Reading (Sunday)
Liverpool 2-2 Newcastle (Sunday)
West Brom 3-0 Southampton (Monday)

How my team got on last week:

A meagre enough (but better than most weeks) 47 points. One of these weeks I will sell Nathan Dyer. I will. Just you watch!

Who’s leading, Primera Division?

Stephen Ruth. Man Red. He’s the Manchester United to my Exeter FC. That being said, he joined me on a paltry 47 last week, his lead cut to 27 points.

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