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ERC: All parties are committed to re-signing Heineken Cup deal
‘Any purported cross-border club tournaments needed the approval both of the IRB, and of the relevant Unions.’

FOLLOWING THE MEETING of stakeholders in Dublin today the ERC have released a statement to say that parties in England and France have re-affirmed their commitment to signing a new Accord.

Yesterday the LNR in France and England’s Premiership Rugby were united in a stance that would have brought the end of the Heineken Cup structure as it exists today.

Today’s stakeholder meeting included points on the areas of diagreement; “including the share of central revenues, qualification and season dates.”

The statement strongly outlines that any new European or ‘cross-border’ tournament would require the approval of the IRB and each of the unions involved.

“Despite recent reports,” the statement opens,  ”all parties involved in the formulation of a new ERC Accord, including the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and Premiership Rugby, have reaffirmed their commitment to the process. A meeting focused solely on the negotiations will be convened by ERC as soon as practicable.”

That still leaves the grievances of  English and French representatives in existence, but the meeting’s finish also appears to bring and end to the prospect of a breakaway Anglo-French tournament.

“It was pointed out that there was a range of proposals made by stakeholders, none of which were acceptable to all parties, and it was agreed that the negotiations towards a definitive solution needed to begin again in earnest.”

These ‘negotiations towards a definitive solution’ come 15 months after the notice period was given on the old accord.

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