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The Callely Controversies: From Fianna Fáil favourite to five months in prison
The former Fianna Fáil minister has been jailed for five months. But why has he proved such a controversial figure over the years?
# Expenses
Callely win could land taxpayer with €500k legal bill
The Public Accounts Committee is told that Ivor Callely’s legal fees for his Supreme Court challenge could reach hundreds of thousands.
# At long last
Levet the hometown hero at French Open
Parisian wins by one stroke on the final day at Le Golf National.
# Seanad Éireann
Seanad could sit more often than Dáil under new Leader's plans
Maurice Cummins wants to ensure that the Seanad sits on Fridays where possible – a practice not yet followed by the Dáil.
# Ivor The Terrible
Ivor asked to leave Seanad after demanding time for personal statement
The final sitting of the Seanad is called to a halt after the controversial Callely seeks time to explain his expenses claims.
# Ivor The Terrible
Ivor's Seanad finale: "The truth shall set you free"
The controversial Senator retires in the same way he lived: annoying pretty much everyone else in Seanad Éireann.
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Ivor Callely wins High Court challenge to Seanad committee
Senator suspended for 20 sitting days after Committee investigation into his expenses claims, thanks friends and supports for “tremendous support” while he was “under sustained attack”.
# Blaggers
Ahern, Cowen named Ireland's top blaggers
The former and current Taoisigh top a public poll of people or bodies known for blagging their way into riches.
# Ivor The Terrible
Ivor Callely has yet to repay €6,000 owed to Dept of Transport: report
Newspaper claims senator has not returned funds and says Noel Dempsey questioned why information regarding Callely’s expenses was brought to its attention.
# Ivor The Terrible
Seanad lawyers tell Court it cannot hear Callely appeal
Lawyers for the Seanad committee that suspended Ivor Callely tell the High Court to butt out of Oireachtas business.
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely challenge chalked in for October
High Court hearing won’t happen before Seanad gets back in session.
# Ivor
Callely wins full High Court hearing over Seanad suspension
Ivor will be given a full case in the High Court to challenge his suspension from the Seanad over his expenses claims.
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely “has not had a day’s peace”
# Ivor The Terrible
What is it that Ivor wants the court to do?
Callely will today launch a High Court challenge into his Seanad suspension. What are his arguments likely to be?
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely tricked ministers into speaking at his Oireachtas fundraisers
Ivor charged up to €1,000 for two tickets to a fundraising lunch in Leinster House. The Oireachtas isn’t happy.
# Ivor Callely
Callely trip for US elections off the cards
Government chief whip rules out Callely’s nomination for travel.
# Ivor Callely
Callely could travel to US as election observer
Is Ivor planning to make use of his suspension time?
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely given two weeks to respond to expenses claims
A two-week stay of execution for Ivor, while Larry Butler will attend a committee in a month’s time.
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely to face new inquiry
Ivor Callely may face another investigation into undeclared property ownership.
# Ivor The Terrible
Fresh expense controversy for Callely
Round three: Ding ding! On top of residence fibs and false phone expense claims, Callely has claimed for another €87,000
# Ivor The Terrible
Senators send formal responses over ethics complaints
# Ivor The Terrible
Why can't Ivor Callely be sacked?
We explain why nobody can force Ivor Callely out of his seat in the Seanad.
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely: the statement at last
Senator claims he doesn’t know how it happened.
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely will make €240,000 in the year after he quits
With a payoff like that, why wouldn’t he bow to public pressure and walk?
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely suspended over fresh allegations
Callely suspended for behaviour “unbecoming” a member of Fianna Fáil… namely, claims that he used forged documents to file expenses.
# Ivor The Terrible
Gogarty says Callely can be suspended continuously
Deputy Gogarty has called written to the Dáil clerk asking him to investigate the senator.
# Ivor The Terrible
'Pure gombeenism'
More calls for Ivor Callely to resign.
# Ivor The Terrible
Ivor claimed €3,000 for mobile phones - on forged invoices
He really won’t get out of this one.
# Ivor The Terrible
Kick Ivor out
# Ivor The Terrible
Cowen to Callely: Consider your position in the Seanad
The Taoiseach tells Ivor he can’t fire him, but that he should ponder quitting himself.
# Ivor The Terrible
Will Ivor face the Gardaí?
First a Seanad committee, but what next?
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely suspended without pay
A Seanad committee has recommended that the senator be suspended following revelations about his residence.
# Ivor The Terrible
3,000 square feet, one Senator owner – €650,000
Ivor Callely is selling the Cork holiday home at the centre of his expenses scandal. Let’s take a look inside.
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely invokes divine inspiration and insists innocence
# Ivor The Terrible
Callely put Cork house up for sale FIVE years ago
…but he still insists he has been using it as his primary residence since 2007.