# a smooch in time
The wedding photographer said 'kiss'... and the flower girl did just that
What’s that they say about not drawing attention away from the bride?

MICHELLE HALL AND Anthony Palmer married recently in Tenessee, and the bride’s four-year-old daughter, Anderson, was flower girl.

Photographer Leah Bullard asked the bride and groom to kiss for the picture – and Anderson decided she was getting in on the action too.

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Anderson’s big smacker has been going viral since Bullard posted it on Facebook earlier this week – the photographer told Detroit Free Press that Anderson was calling herself the ‘bride’ for the whole day.

“When I said [to kiss], naturally she thought I was referring to her… So she just leaned in and kissed that ring bearer,” she said.

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Here’s what Anderson thought about the kiss:

He was the best ringbearer ever! And he thought I was the best flower girl ever! We’re best friends.


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