inpho Flying high: Johnny Buckley gets the better of Sean Dineen
As it happened: Castlehaven v Dr Crokes, Munster Club SFC Final
Led by Brian Looney and Johnny Buckley, the Kerry champions were mesmerising as they tore apart the opposition on the way to retaining their provincial title, and laid down a serious All Ireland marker in the process. We had all the action and analysis from down south right here.

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Result: Castlehaven 0-12, Dr Crokes 0-19

Welcome to Cork for the Munster club final between Castlehaven and Dr Crokes. Cold and damp day here but that’s never stopped the visitors from playing some scintillating football at this time of the year in recent seasons.

The Kerry champions go into this one heavily favoured despite the venue and the opposition. Indeed their movement close to goal is expected to trouble Castlehaven who have struggled to follow quick ball and man movement close to their own goal. You can read our preview here…

Elsewhere keep an eye out for midfield. Johnny Buckley was once touted as a future Kerry midfielder but his physicality has proved an issue for that position at the top level. Here he goes up against Seán Dineen and Dermot Hurley who won’t give an inch.

Moments away from throw in here as the national anthem rings out.

1 mins, Castlehaven 0-0, Dr Crokes 0-1: Speaking of Johnny Buckley, quite the start as he wins the throw in, carries it 30 yards, lays off to Daithi Casey and that’s a very good finish from the centre-forward.

4 mins, Castlehaven 0-0, Dr Crokes 0-2: And continuing that theme, Buckley has started this game full of intent. He wins the first kickout and now pops up to fist over, granted he might have gone for goal as that Castlehaven defence we were worried about parts easily. The Cork sides passing is doing them no favours here early on either. Crokes will be thrilled with this so far.

8 mins, Castlehaven 0-0, Dr Crokes 0-4: It should really be more. Colm Cooper is hauled down but takes the sort of quick free that ripped Dingle apart in the county final. That was a sweet pass from the Gooch but Chris Brady blazes high and wide from 10 yards. Shocking miss. Back they come again though, Daithi Casey finding Cooper who fists over. The movement of the Kerry side is really troubling Castlehaven who are being cleaned out by Ambrose O’Donovan and Johnny Buckley. The quick ball is creating space too. There’s another Cooper point, from a free.

20 mins, Castlehaven 0-2, Dr Crokes 0-8: Chris Brady atones for an earlier miss. He was in acres of space though as the ball from midfield is again quick. Cooper has been dominating high ball in, to the extent the Castlehaven full-back line have all eyes on him and that’s creating loads of room for others close to goal. That coupled with the difference in pace between backs and forwards means this has been comfortable for Crokes so far. Very comfortable although they have been excellent and really enjoyable to watch. Turns out Johnny Hanratty and Crossmaglen aren’t the only saviours of football out there. Shane Hurley is gone from the Cork side’s full-back line, David Limrick is in. Makes no immediate difference as O’Leary wins the ball, lays it off to the onrushing Brian Looney and he pops over. Too easy. This could be a massacre.

24 mins, Castlehaven 0-3, Dr Crokes 0-8: There’s the first bad news for Crokes and it’s nothing to do with Castlehaven. Eoin Brosnan was clearing a ball from defence and he tweaked something in his lower leg and has had to go off, Shane Doolan the replacement. Can that lift the home side who pull one back via a Mark Collins free? They’ll need to make an impact at midfield though if the gap is to close further as Johnny Buckley has been the best playeron the pitch so far and given how his teammates are going, that’s quite an achievement.

26 mins, Castlehaven 0-3, Dr Crokes 0-9: Castlehaven can’t afford frees like that from Brian Hurley either. Despite their size inside, they’ve struggled with the ball in and the Crokes defence has been on top for the most part. It’s punished by Kieran O’Leary who taps over on the left from a tight angle, he’s looked every bit the player that had a breakthrough summer for Kerry. Really good stuff.

30 mins, Castlehaven 0-3, Dr Crokes 0-11: Now Jamie Doolin slots over, there are threats all over. Even Fionn Fitzgerald up from corner-back is only denied a goal by a brilliant save by Paudie Hurley. Little respite though, Looney hammers over the 45. If you can place on a bet on Castlehaven ending up with less than 15, my advice is to go for it. They are getting frustrated and there’s been a few lazy and heavy hits creeping in. Stephen Hurley drives wide there and kicks out at the air, just to prove our point.

33 mins, Castlehaven 0-5, Dr Crokes 0-12: Back underway here with a Colm Cooper free. But in fairness, while Castlehaven have been outclassed, that is some response from Sean Dineen. Drove that ball skywards from way out and it’s straight between the posts.

36 mins, Castlehaven 0-6, Dr Crokes 0-13: Of course Crokes have a response though. Not only do they come back with a point, Brian Looney comes back with one up there with Dineen’s in terms of quality. It must be soul-destroying for the Cork  champions as this has been a brilliant display by the opposition. To kick 13 points in 36 minutes against a rugged team on a cold December day – that is as rare as it is enjoyable. At least Mark Collins gets one back.

38 mins, Castlehaven 0-6, Dr Crokes 0-13: The speed of Colm Cooper’s hands and thought is really visible on this sort of a day. He feeds Ambrose O’Donovan who slots off the post. Unlucky, but great vision from the full-forward.

40 mins, Castlehaven 0-6, Dr Crokes 0-13: Remember we said to bet on Castlehaven not finishing with 15. (Honestly, go to 14.32.) Well there goes Sean Dineen for a second yellow, his tackle on Colm Cooper had all the subtlety of a wrecking ball. What’s known in the industry as a ‘Junior B challenge’.

45 mins, Castlehaven 0-7, Dr Crokes 0-13: Coming into this we noted Mark Collins as the playmaker all year for Castlehaven. He’s been chief scorer here too, and his side’s best player by a distance. Spirited performance here and nice finish there. The Cork side sense a chance and try to lift it, but man-for-man, they just aren’t good enough.

48 mins, Castlehaven 0-7, Dr Crokes 0-16: Kieran O’Leary finds a way down the touchline and fists over. That’s been a trademark move for him today as he has too much speed. Brian Looney follows it up with a great score and takes over as leading contender for man of the match. Consolation for Castlehaven fans? At least they aren’t at the Leinster intermediate final where O’Connells of Louth lead Monasterevin of Kildare  0-2 to 0-1 after 40 minutes. Meanwhile up north the Ulster final between Crossmaglen and Kilcoo won’t start until 3.30 as the minor match has gone to extra-time. But forget that for a minute as Brian Looney is kicking points from all over. That’s his best score yet.

51 mins, Castlehaven 0-7, Dr Crokes 0-18: Crokes aren’t so much rubbing salt in the wound as kicking Castlehaven repeatedly in the face here. Johnny Buckley kicks a point from 40, but Brian Looney decides he can do better. And does. He can’t miss.

55 mins, Castlehaven 0-9, Dr Crokes 0-18: Mark Collins and Seanie Cahillane get a couple back. In fairness to Castlehaven they’ve kept on going but it’s essentially meant repeatedly running into a wall.

58 mins, Castlehaven 0-9, Dr Crokes 0-19: Crokes push on with another score as this game peters out. With this sort of form though, the Kerry side will be a match for anyone after Christmas although the opposition won’t be as suited to them from here on in. Castlehaven just didn’t have the pace to match them, especially at the back and with Johnny Buckley dominating midfield, they were in big trouble from the early stages.

Full-time, Castlehaven 0-12, Dr Crokes 0-19: David Burns and Mark Collins with two frees round out the scoring but irrelevant as Crokes have taken their foot of the pedal. They were far more superior than even that scoreline suggests. With Brigid’s, probably Crossmaglen and possibly Portlaoise in the last four, there’s something to look forward to in the new year already. The final stages of one of the higher-class club championships coming up.

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