As it happened: Ireland v West Indies

Join us for all the latest from Mohali as Ireland chase the Windies.

Ireland 231 all out

West Indies Innings 275 all out (50.0 overs)

Full scorecard

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11.53am That’s it, Dockerill is got out as Benn takes his fourth wicket of the day.

It’s desperately disappointing for the Irish as it looked to be there for the taking earlier. It’s South Africa next up on Tuesday. Thanks for you company all morning.

We’ll have all the usual stuff in the meantime, but come back tomorrow for more minute-by-minute action and the rugger..

11.46am David writes, tears on the keyboard: “So, this match has clearly come to an end, and with it our World Cup quarter final hopes. I think we will look back on that first match against Bangladesh as our opportunity lost. Needing to beat the West Indies was always a tough task, but again, we had a chance today.

“Looking forward, we have games against South Africa and the Netherlands to play. Hopefully a win against the Dutch will bookend a successful World Cup, albeit without the big quarter final breakthrough.

“With Eoin Morgan back playing for England, at least there will be some Irish interest in the latter stages of the tournament. Imagine if he was in our team in this World Cup though. We’ll always have Ireland vs England, March 2, 2011. They can’t take that away from us. That will be forever what we take away from this World Cup. Brilliant.”

OUT! A ‘yorker’ deflects off Mooney’s pads and shatters the stumps. One more wicket and we can all go back to our real lives.

11.36am 66 to win from 28 balls now. That decision on Wilson will leave a bad taste in the mouth here. It will cost Ireland a place in the quarter-finals and only supports suspicions that the cricket big wigs don’t want the likes of the Irish to stay on.

11.32am Dockerill is in with Rankin to come. It’s a powerplay which seems redundant now.

OUT! Botha’s gone now too. That was bad.

Maybe it’s time for some words of encouragement from Tommy B. We’ll have a liveblog of the rugby tomorrow by the way.

11.24am David writes: “From my grainy, pixellated livestream that looked like an unbelievable catch to get K. O’Brien out.

“And now Gary Wilson is out! That is a debatable call. The review says that it was hitting outside the line of off stump. This means that if he is playing a shot, he can not be given out. Problem was, his bat was a good bit behind his pad, and the umpire says he wasn’t playing a shot. Massive call. Probably will be the death knell of Ireland’s challenge here. Great 61 by Wilson, but we could have done with keeping him.”

11.23am OUT! ‘The beginning of the end for Ireland’. Now Cusack is gone. From Criccbuzz: Cusack comes out of his crease and looks to nudge it to the leg side, but he loses his balance, Thomas does not collect it cleanly, fumbles but he manages to whip the bails off, Cusack is short and WI are on course for a victory here.

11.21am Mooney’s in to bat, after Wilson was controversially given as lbw. The umpire insisted that he didn’t make an attempt to play the ball.  77 runs needed.

OUT! Wilson’s not happy, he’s asking the umpire why he’s out after he saw the replay on the big screen. It should be overturned according to the Sky pundits.

APPEAL Sammy thinks he’s got Cusack out. The original decision is out. It looks pad first…

11.16am Cusack and Wilson are picking up singles but that’s not going to do any real damage at this stage. Ireland need to take a few risks you feel.

OUT! What a catch from Pollard. Kevin O’Brien is gone.

That is the knock-out punch surely as the match swings in favour of the Windies. 85 from 60 balls needed now.

11.02 Wilson hits 50, takes the acclaim of his team-mates in the stands. Nice job.

10.59am How are we all feeling? This could be something special again. Regular correspondent David Elkin follows up  his earlier email:

“Found a livestream. I would hardly say it is reputable. It tells me, very informatively, that I can ‘date hot Russian girls!’”

Indeed you can David. Indeed you can.

We need 96 from 69 which has a symmetrical neatness to it.

10.55am WICKET! Huge wicket for the Windies. Ed Joyce is bowled by Russell and he departs for an excellent total of 84 off 106 balls.

My nervous disposition prevents me from watching any more of this. While I gently rock back and forward in the corner, I’ll leave it in Adrian’s capable hands to take you through to the finish. Believe. 177-4 (37.3 overs)

10.54am Over 37 is a big one from Ireland. Gary Wilson scores 14, including two fours. More of that please and thank you. 177-3 (37 overs).

10.52am David Elkin has been in touch via e-mail. He has this to say:

“This is torture. This is the first Ireland World Cup game where I haven’t seen one ball (except for a futile attempt to get up at 5am to watch a bit, saw that WI were batting well and decided against).

If the Sky commentators are saying we can win, I’ll believe them. But that target seems massive given how many overs are left. We’ll need some intelligent quick scoring. No need to go for a six off every ball.”

10.48am Another six-run over from Ireland. With every passing over, Ed Joyce’s wicket becomes increasingly important. Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping blares over the PA. I like their choice of music. 163-3 (36 overs).

10.44am SIX! Good morning, Gary Wilson. He survives a tentative lbw shout and celebrates by putting the next ball high into the stands. Better. 157-3 (35 overs).

10.41am In today’s other game, Bangladesh won the toss and put England into bat. Seems to be working out ok for them at present, England are 126-3 after 31 overs.

10.38am My trust calculator tells me that Ireland need 128 from 96 balls. With seven wickets in hand, I reckon it’s time to start taking a few risks.

10.37am Great stop from the six-foot-seven Sulieman Benn denies Ed Joyce a certain four – fielding like that could be the difference. Andre Russell restricts Ireland to three and everyone goes for a drink. 148-3 (34 overs).

10.33am Great bowling from Nikita Miller gives up just two runs. Ireland need to be careful not to let this one slip away. They have wickets in hand and it might be time to start thinking about that batting powerplay. 145-3 (33 overs).

10.30am That could have been a disappointing over for the Irish batsmen who pick up just one run off Russell’s opening five balls. Big Ed Joyce steps in to salvage something though, hitting a perfectly-placed four off the over’s final ball. 143-3 (32 overs).

10.29am The game is Ireland’s to win according to the commentary team. This worries me more than it excites me.

10.26am Another boundary from Ed Joyce provides the foundation for another six-run over. Good, consistent hitting from Ireland. The commentators appear to think that the pitch will be good for an increased run rate when the Irish batsmen start to up the ante. 138-3 (31 overs).

10.23am Better from Ireland – Joyce and Wilson put in consecutive six-run overs to bring us to 132-3 (30 overs). Ireland now need 144 off 120 balls if my sums are correct. Long way still to go.

10.21am Ooh! That was very nearly curtains for Ed Joyce. He duffed his straight drive back at Miller and the bowler dropped when he really should have caught. By such fine margins are games won and lost – hopefully.

10.19am Our friends over at Cricinfo assured us that “this game is not over. Joyce is looking in top touch. And KOB is yet to bat.” Optimism always sounds better when it comes from elsewhere.

10.17am Steady as she goes. Joyce picks up another eight off overs 27 and 28 to bring Ireland to 120-3. Run rate at the moment is 4.2, needs to be about 7.1 – but you can expect Ireland to start hitting a bit more freely as the innings winds on.

10.11am A good over from Ireland brings up ten runs, with Joyce and Wilson chipping in a four each during Kieron Pollard’s first over back with the ball. Ireland 112-3 (26 overs)

10.05am Ed Joyce brings up his half-century off 69 balls. More of the same please. Benn (6-0-32-2) and Roach (5-0-24-0) are bowling well though – them’s winning stats.

10.00am The Windies are bowling well, but Ireland are staying in this one by picking up singles at every possible opportunity. After 23 overs, the Windies were on 80/0. Ireland have made it to 97/3 in the same amount of balls. I wouldn’t be banking on Ireland making as much hay during the batting powerplay though. Ireland move to 101-3 (24 overs).

9.54am Not a bad start from Gary Wilson, he flicks his first delivery away for a four. In celebration, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida comes on over the PA. An unusual choice to say the least. Although I did watch a game last week where Shakira’s Waka Waka greeted every wicket – they do know they’re not in Africa, right?

9.50am OUT! O’Brien’s gone now though -Benn bowls a beaut, there’s a swing and a miss from Nialler, and the ball clips off stump. That’s a pity really as himself and Ed Joyce were just starting to construct a nice little partnership. Ireland really need to hang on to their next few wickets if they’re to have any chance now.

9.49am Morning all. Looks like we’re doing ok, doesn’t it? Run rate is a little bit lower than we’ll need but there’s plenty of time to work on that. As I write, Niall O’Brien survives an lbw appeal that was nowhere close to the stumps really.

9.45am I’m off for some porridge (Coco Pops) and freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice (double espresso).  But let me first tag in, from parts unknown…. Niall!


9.42am “Very athletic the Irish” one of the Sky pundits remarks. Yes, and we’re very good at software.

9.36am O’Brien smiles under his face guard after he knocks the ball back to the bowler, with a hurling-like flick of thw wrist, which sends  Sammy ‘halway down the field’ initially. He’s a bit embarrassed.

9.31am Niall O’Brien’s free hit is driven to deep mid wicket for two. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

9.23am FOUR! He’s only gone and done it again. “Now time to wet the throat” we’re told by the commentator after 16 overs.

9.21am FOUR! Russell to Niall O’Brien, and the Irishman threads the gap with ease. Bit of momentum now.

9.12am FOUR! Russell to Joyce – and he goes deep squar leg. Apparently.

From Criccbuzz: “good shot that, tries the shortish delivery this time, Joyce gets into the position quickly and pulls it in front of square, picked the spot well and executed it to perfection”.

In the meantime, Colm Meaney has sent his best wishes. This just dropped into our mailbox from Cricket Ireland. Beam me up, Scotty, etc…

9.06am OUT! Porterfield is gone for 11. Sammy’s pressure has told as substitute Rampaul takes an easy catch as the Irishman tries to break out a little. That was always going to happen.

9.01am Porterfield signals for a new helmet after he takes a toss to the peak, knocking the stuffing out of him a little.

Three maidens from the West Indies skipper so far.

8.57am Earlier, Ireland won the toss and decided to field .

Devon Smith struck his maiden century while Kieron Pollard hit 94 off a mere 55 balls to propel the West Indies to 275 all out.

Kevin O’Brien (4-71), who hammered a 50-ball century against England for the fastest ever World Cup ton, halted West Indies’ progress by removing Chanderpaul and the in-form Darren Bravo in the same over.

Dwayne Smith rook a risky single to reach his maiden one-day century before he became one of O’Brien’s four victims in the match.

8.35am Wakey, wakey! We’re up and atom and ready to follow the rest of Ireland’s match with the West Indies at the Cricket World Cup.

The Irish are chasing a Windies’ target of 275. They’ve started solidly, it could be an interesting Friday morning.