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Let’s do this, Europen football administrators! It’s the Euro 2012 draw live form Kiev. Get in touch in the usual ways: email, find us on Facebook or tweet @thescore_ie.

As Don Conroy might say: let’s draw.

Ireland are ghettoised in the last pool or four in this evening’s European Championship Finals draw in Kiev. But… we’re in the draw.

We’ll go ball-by-ball and velvet pouch by velvet pouch. Excited much?

So how are we feeling out there? Let us know in the usual way, detailed above.

We do know that a massive 57% of you want England from the second pool. The BBC have – like TheScore – kicked off their coverage.

On the couch, Martin Keown – a man with Irish roots – reckons England will pull ourselves. Lawro, next to him on the sofa, doesn’t think it’ll happen. And England wouldn’t want it if it did.

The man in charge, Giovanni Trapattoni, says he does want the English however. He told reporters last night:

“Psychologically, I would like to avoid Italy. Also, from a technical standpoint, the Azzurri should always be avoided. I would prefer to measure up against Capello’s England. In fact, I have already got some counter moves ready.”

God bless him, but Lawro’s missed an internal memo somewhere. Linekar cannot believe the former Irish defender is saying that these ceremonies are boring.

“Do you hate Christmas as well?” the presenter asks.

So, who do we want in the draw? If you haven’t already pored over the permutations, coefficients and rankings, check out this guide. It may prevent you looking like a fool in the pub later.You’re welcome.

In the meantime, have a look at this video and song produced by four Irish lads living in Melbourne.

The story behind the music, VH1-style, is here.

We’ve gone live to the hall in Kiev over on BBC. On RTE2, we’re still 30 minutes from broadcast.

As the Mighty Boosh’s Bollo might say – I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Strap yourself in for half an hour of Cossack dancing and Platini talking French.

The Irish delegation were reportedly stuck in traffic up until 20 minutes ago. You can’t take us anywhere.

The two Eurovision-style presenters are now on stage sporting hands-free microphones. They may join in the dancing later.

Jonathon Pearce talked us through the Ukrainian president’s opening speech there – thanks to a translation he had hidden under the desk.

Deliciously, it ran out long before the official stopped talking and he had to admit, he had no idea what was being said.

One interested party tweets: “In front of the TV ready to watch the draw for the European Championship 2012. Some groups r going to be very tough. Lets c who Spain gets!”

It’s gonna be us, Cesc. Let’s see you tika-taka when the ball’s on Jonathon Walters’ chest/head for 90% of the time.

I’m not going to comment on that song, entitled Goal, performed by one enthusiastic young lady in yellow as this production is way too Eurovision already and I’m no Terry Wogan.

But Dion Fanning writes: “Meanwhile in the audience Trap is saying, ‘See this what happens when you try and put on a show.’”

We’re being introduced to some legendary past winners at the moment: Breitner, Penenka…. Van Basten hopefully. More like it, Bill.

Oliver Bierhoff comes on to represent 1996 winners Germany, looking like me when I’m on stage. “They’re watching me! They’re watching me! YOU’RE WALKING WEIRD!”

Zidane is in the house, so you can all relax. Everything’s going to be ok.

Disappointingly, Ukrainian Olympic pole vault legend Sergey Bubka walks onto the stage to ‘introduce’ the tournament ball.

Zidane has his hands in his pockets like Ronan O’Gara meeting the Queen of England.

The agency pictures are starting to trickle in. Capello is in situ.

RTE kick off their broadcast with Here Come The Good Times by A-House. It sounds good.

Ray Houghton and Eamon Dunphy join Darragh Maloney. Odds of Dunphy throwing his pen across the pen in disgust at Cossack dancing?

BREAKING NEWS…. Henry Winter tweets:

“Bit of drama at the draw. The loos in the Palace of Arts are unisex…unless I’ve made a terrible mistake”

We’re almost good to go with the draw.

Nice moment as the UEFA official in charge of the draw itself, pays a little tribute to Gary Speed.

We’re now treated to a VT explaining the procedure. It’s not unlike a health-and-safety-approved video you’d be made watch if you acted inappropriately at the office Christmas party.


Van Basten draws Holland first – they go into Group B. Poland are already in A and Ukraine and D. So Spain will go into C.

It’s our pool next, as far as I know.

The team to join Poland in Group A is…. the Czechs. Thanks for nothing Zizou!

Denmark are next out – and into the Dutch group.

Spain! Ireland are drawn in Group C with the World and European Champions.

So France are into the last group with Ukraine.

Greece have been drawn with Poland and the Czechs while Portugal are put in with Denmark and the Netherlands.

Croatia are pulled with Ireland and Spain. I should have mentioned that group will be in Poland and Croatia will be our first game in Poznan.

Sweden are in with Ukraine and France. Now for the second pot. This will be fun.

Group A



Czech Republic

And…………. Russia.

That’s a handy one for our old pals.

Group B





Tasty group. So we’ll get either England or Italy. Wow.

Group C





Janey. What do you make of that?

Group D





That’s not too bad again for the English.

Subject to confirmation, this is what we reckon Ireland’s fixture list is:

  • v Croatia, 10 June, Poznan
  • v Spain 14 June, Gdansk
  • v Italy 18 June,Poznan

Ray Houghton: “We’ve got the champions and the players will be delighted, they’re going to pit their wits against the best.”

Paraphrasing Dunphy:

“I think the best result there is Italy. We beat them last summer. The way Spain play, they don’t score a lot of goals. I don’t think it’s terrifying. It’s interesting but I can think of worse draws.”

Andres Iniesta may be already worrying about Keith Andrews and Glenn Whelan but he’s hiding it well. The Barca playmaker just updated his Facebook page: “We have rivals for the group stage of Euro! Ireland, Croatia and Italy! We will defend the title and try to finish! Hugs to all!”

Hugs to Google Translate.

So how are we all feeling about that?

Poll Results:

Can't wait to take those on (53)
We're screwed (33)
Who cares, going anyway (14)

So that’s where we leave it. We’re busy bringing you the reaction to that draw so stay with us.

And keep the comments coming.

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