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Farrell aiming to gain momentum as he picks strong Ireland team for Italy
There are seven changes to the starting XV while Ryan Baird and Craig Casey should debut off the bench.
'My mobile started ringing. I recognised the dialling code: +679. Fiji'
Ben Ryan describes the unusual events that led to a life-changing moment.
Virgin 'working to resolve' issues affecting mobile customers
Some customers have had no service since this afternoon.
Man receives €26,692 mobile bill from Three after returning home from holiday
Three says it “makes every effort to ensure that customers can manage their roaming charges when abroad”.
This is why you need to backup your phone
Don’t ignore this simple but necessary step.
Video ads on mobile games annoying you? There is a way around it
Although there is a catch.
One phone company is letting you access social media free - and that could be a problem
Meteor won’t be counting Facebook, Twitter or Instagram towards users’ monthly data usage.
Pictures: The case of a Dublin prisoner who swallowed a mobile phone
The prisoner presented to the Emergency Department of Tallaght Hospital with vomiting ten hours after he swallowed the phone.
Are you a fail whale? Take our Twitter quiz
The service celebrates its tenth birthday today.
Facebook looked completely different 12 years ago - here's what's changed over the years
It’s come a long way since it was called TheFacebook.
Does your child want a tech present this Christmas, but you don't know if it's a good idea?
The truth is that this technological evolution is the greatest social experiment of our time and as parents we are in uncharted waters, writes child psychologist Colman Noctor.
Roaming charges are (finally) set to be scrapped from June 2017
No more expensive calls home thanks to a landmark EU ruling
Three says service is "fully restored" after customers flood social media after outage
The network is down for customers across the country.
Eircom says services are returning to normal today
The loss of service yesterday impacted customers south of the country and in Dublin.
YouTube is addressing one of the biggest problems with mobile videos
And it’s taking a leaf out of Snapchat’s book.
Nokia has an eye on re-entering the smartphone market, but under one condition
And it’s a pretty big condition in fairness.
14 tech products to watch out for this year
Here’s what to keep an eye out for.
Your next WiFi hotspot won’t be in your home but your car
And it’s something that car manufacturers are starting to include in their vehicles as part of the connected car movement.
These are the best browsers you can get for your smartphone
Apps may be front and centre of all smartphone experiences but the humble browser is anything but irrelevant.
Three says issues with mobile service resolved
Thousands of customers were experiencing difficulties since yesterday afternoon.
These are the weirdest things we saw at the biggest tech conference in the world
A lot happens at Mobile World Congress.
Here's how you can turn off location tracking on your phone
If you find the idea of geolocation a little bit creepy.
Snapchat is letting you send money to friends, but don't get excited
It’s an interesting development, but there are a few caveats involved.
Can apps such as Find my Phone help if your mobile is stolen?
Sometimes but not always – here’s why.
Would you pay to avoid Youtube ads? You may get the choice soon
YouTube is working on an ad-free subscription service, which would allow users to avoid ads for a set fee.
Apple's latest plan could turn the next iPhone into a digital wallet
The company is said to have reached a deal with Visa, Mastercard and American Express over a new payment service that uses NFC technology.
Facebook is giving its mobile search tool a much needed improvement
Facebook users on mobile will be able to search for old posts using keywords instead of having to find them manually.
Mobile Monthly: The biggest developments that happened in July
Apple teams up with an old rival, Google’s smart contact lens gets a boost and Microsoft’s digital assistant reveals a talent for predicting football results.
Here's how this bus could change homeless people's lives
There are over 3,500 people living on the streets in San Francisco.
'Do I want my mum to see this?': New app aims to stop teens sexting
The app works by sending a copy of any images taken on the child’s phone to their parents.
11 signs you're too attached to your mobile phone
Your one true love.
It's now cheaper to use your phone in the EU
The changes are thanks to the European Commission, with the hope of removing roaming charges altogether,.
EU Commission pushes for elimination of roaming charges
Data roaming prices being cut by more than half across the EU from 1 July 2014, but Neelie Kroes says that it is ‘not enough’.
How much is the average mobile phone bill a month?
The quarterly report from ComReg suggests that cheaper mobile plans and the increased sales of bundled products have helped reduce the amount spent on mobile services.
Vodafone customers told in error that money was debited from their accounts
Text messages and emails were sent by Vodafone thanking customers for making payments, despite no payments being made.
45 jobs to go as Kerry mobile technology firm closes
Tralee based Altobridge has gone into receivership.
Google wants to bring ads to all your devices, including your fridge and car dashboard
When explaining why it didn’t disclose mobile ad revenue, Google said it could be serving ads and other content to smart devices like thermostats, glasses and watches.
Facebook's plan for its mobile apps: grow userbase now, make money later
In a conference call, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it would be a “few years” before Instagram would become an important business for the company.
Major victory for Irish online rights group as ECJ strikes down EU mobile surveillance rules
Digital Rights Ireland hard argued that the rules requiring operators to keep call details were against fundamental rights.
250 Cork homes campaign to get proper internet, mobile and landline services
Residents from Courtbrack, Foxes Bridge and Mathey in Cork are now pushing to have a radio mast erected in the area to help solve the problem.