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May 2023
Dr Ian Marder: Restorative justice helps everyone - why is it declining in Ireland?
The criminologist calls for investment in a humane approach that helps victims get answers, participate and recover, while supporting people to lead a crime-free life.
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Sauropod dinosaurs preferred warmer regions of Earth, study suggests
The findings suggest the long-necked animals may have had a different physiology from other dinosaurs.
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Suspected Covid-19 cases three times higher than official statistics, says new UK study
Unlike other studies, this research found women were most at risk than men from developing the disease.
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Warning to protect children in the sun as 90% of 10-17 year olds say they've had sunburn at least once
New research was published by the Institute of Public Health and NUI Galway today.
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Pine martens could be solution to saving red squirrels in urban areas
That’s according to new research from Northern Ireland.
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Study that finds footballers are three-and-a-half times more likely to die from dementia '15 years too late'
Ex-Celtic and England striker Chris Sutton has expressed his anger after the report’s release yesterday.
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Traffic pollution causing 1,700 new cases of asthma in Ireland every year
It means 150 in every 100,000 children here are diagnosed with asthma as a result of traffic pollution.
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Suicide: Concerns that Netflix show 13 Reasons Why could lead to 'copycat cases'
The popular Netflix drama has proven controversial, with research around the world ongoing.
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'People who are mentally ill are less likely to be admitted for cancer treatment'
A new study examined the palliative care needs on the island of Ireland by surveying hundreds of GPs and psychiatrists.
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Volcanic eruptions were the driving force behind an ancient global warming event
The event that took place 56 million years ago has been investigated by researchers at the University of California.
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Patients should be advised 'to stop treatment when they feel better' instead of full antibiotics course
Taking the full course doesn’t combat antibiotic resistance, according to a paper in the BMJ.
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Leprosy found in Irish red squirrels
Scientists were surprised to uncover signs of the infectious disease that ravaged Europe in medieval times.
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Just one hour physical activity a day could undo damage from 8 hours sitting around
A new study shows that one hour of physical activity reduces any increased risk of death from not doing anything.
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Anti-viral drugs lower risk of catching HIV for couples having unprotected sex
A study examined the risk of unprotected sex among 900 couples where just one partner is infected by HIV.
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Severe birth defects and brain damage confirmed as linked to Zika virus
This is the first time the link has been properly confirmed.
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Hitler may have only had one testicle, new research claims
This is according to new medical records that have surfaced.
Wii Fit Plus doesn't help vertigo sufferers, but it's still a lot of fun
71 patients with balance issues related to illness found no further improvement by the use of virtual reality.
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860 fewer people would be killed by alcohol every year if minimum pricing was introduced
New research shows it would have negligible effects on low income moderate drinkers’ alcohol consumption and spending.
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Richard III suffered from roundworm infection
The king’s position in society and noble lifestyle did not protect him from the common condition, it seems.
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Marrying your first cousin can double the risk of birth defects in your babies
However a study published in The Lancet today says that the absolute risk of birth defects, such as down syndrome, is low.
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Frozen - over fresh - embryos may improve IVF success
Senior clinical embryologist at Beacon Court in Dublin welcomes the new research stating embryo freezing and waiting for a better conditioned womb linings may be the way forward.
# Cancer Research
Blood tests may predict breast cancer spread
US cancer research finds that tumour cells in the blood stream may predict if early breast cancer patients face a higher risk of death or relapse after treatment.
# Cheating
Women believe deep-voiced men are more likely to cheat
Study shows that tone of voice may signal higher risk of infidelity.
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Mild asthma does not require daily treatment says US research
The Asthma Society of Ireland urged caution in response to the findings.