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VIDEO: Novak Djokovic says he's 'not so good' at football, but still strokes home a penalty

Djoko pulled on his football boots for a celebrity match in Brazil yesterday.

YouTube Credit: SuperFastGoals

TENNIS NUMBER ONE Novak Djokovic got a chance to show what he can with a bigger ball when he lined out in a celebrity friendly in Brazil yesterday.

The Serb was joined by former Brazilian tennis pro Gustavo Kuertan and others for a kick-about before Fluminense’s 2-0 defeat to Cruziero in Rio de Janeiro.

Djokovic played down expectations beforehand by telling reporters that he’s “not so good” at football, but as is often the case with these charity shindigs, he got a chance from the penalty spot and kept his cool to score.

Equally impressive was Djoko’s Kuertan tribute wig which he donned for Saturday’s tennis exhibition between the two.

(Felipe Dana/AP/Press Association Images)

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