Open thread: What’s your favourite European Cup final memory?

1999, 2005 or something else entirely?

Few Manchester United fans will forget 1999.
Few Manchester United fans will forget 1999.
Image: Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport

TONIGHT IN WEMBLEY, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will battle it out for the biggest prize in club football.

At the moment, Munich are slight favourites but, if the messages coming in to twitter feed are anything to go by, the majority of neutrals are siding with Dortmund.

Given both teams’ styles of play, this has the potential to be a Champions League classic.

That got us talking in the office about our favourite European Cup final memories.

“For me, it’d have to be Zizous’s volley or Danielle Massaro humiliating the Dream Team”
- Adrian Russell

“For Liverpool’s win in Istanbul I, thankfully, wasn’t in the pub to see it, but a mate of mine defiantly took bets off anyone with Liverpool 3-0 down at half time. He was later spotted dancing on the bar Coyote Ugly style at 4am - probably still came out a hundred quid down.
- Sean Farrell

“For me, 1995 was the greatest European Cup final ever. It was like someone got at the Championship Manager editor and put together two dream teams. van Gaal v Capello, Overmars v Maldini, Davids v Desailly and Simone v Blind. Amazing stuff.”
- Steven O’Rourke

“Legging it out onto the main green in our neighbourhood to celebrate like lunatics in 1999 when Teddy Sheringham equalised for United. By the time most of us were shuffling back in the hallway, United had another corner. In it swung and Solskjaer did the rest. I can still remember running back out to the green, as other stragglers were coming back in, half-screaming, half-laughing ‘We’ve done it again. We’ve done it again!’”
-  Patrick McCarry

“Basile Boli scoring the winner in the ’93 final, have no idea what he did with the rest of his career.”
- Fintan O’Toole

” Cursing Lars Ricken when he scored in the ’97 final. I had actually cried when Borussia Dortmund knocked Manchester United out and was siding with Juve on the night.”
- Ben Blake

But that’s enough about us, we’d prefer to know what you think.

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What was your favourite Champions League or European Cup final memory and why?

Let us know in the comments below.

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