Drifting off to sleep in the stands is okay, drifting off on court... not so much. AP/Press Association Images
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If you're going to fall asleep on the job, try not let it happen on a basketball court

Otto Porter sums up the Wizards season in one play.

THIS WEEK, SOME survey or other alleged that 61% of Irish workers had fallen asleep on the job.

Now, while that figure seems especially high, we’re certain that it does happen to some workers, even if it’s a fate that has never befallen anyone here in The42, especially not during Ireland’s August 2013 0-0 borefest with Wales.

However, for those who do drift off to the land of nod, the worst thing that might happen is being startled by a co-worker or manager. Otto Porter of the Washington Wizards wasn’t so lucky.

Everyone in the United Center in Chicago saw him fall asleep last night. Thankfully for the 21-year old, Tony Snell missed his three point effort.

Speaking of suspect defending, Avery Bradley of the Boston Celtics let LeBron James fly past him with this behind-the-back move last night:

NBA Hoops / YouTube

Showing them both what good defending looks like though was the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, with this brilliant chase down and block on Will Barton:

James Herbert / YouTube

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