Angola isn't a footballing hotbed but one Brazilian legend's apparently keen to move there

Could Ronaldinho really be moving to Angola?

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IF FOOTBALL HAS taught us anything over the last 50 years is that an aging player will move ANYWHERE if the money is right.

Be it Nicolas Anelka sulking off to China in his early 30′s or Steven Gerrard taking a late career trip to LA, there will almost always be some club somewhere in the world willing to meet a former star’s wage demands.

But Ronaldinho might be making a move that not too many others have done. The legendary trickster is currently playing with Mexican club Queretaro but according to reports in Angola, he is set to sign for their club side Kabuscorp.

Even at 34, Ronaldinho should still be able to bamboozle his Angolan league opponents with some of his famous tricks.

Source: Messi TheBoss/YouTube

While it might seem unlikely for Ronaldinho to move there, Kabuscorp actually signed Rivaldo for a season back in 2012 so their president must be a decent wheeler-dealer and have buckets of cash to hand over to willing Brazilians.

On a side note – who was better, Rivaldo or Ronaldinho?

What are they
really like?

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Source: tomita90/YouTube

It is like the Sophie’s Choice of Brazilian football.

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