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Telling Tales

Samoan captain accuses team management of drunken buffoonery

The team’s executive, meanwhile, does its best Withnail impression while refusing to admit it has a problem.

THE CAPTAIN OF the Samoan rugby team has told his country’s Prime Minister that the team’s management during the recent World Cup tournament treated the event like a ‘boozy holiday with their mates.’

Mahonri Schwalger was not impressed with the heavy drinking and unprofessionalism shown by the executive team and told Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi that Samoa’s lacklustre performance in the pools was down to too much time on the gargle for coach Tuala Mathew Vaea and company.

“We as a team feel that our preparation was tainted by not having people in vital positions committed to their duties and responsibilities before every game,” he said.

Vaea, he said, went drinking ‘every single day,’ while chief executive Su’a Peter Schuster was blamed for “bringing his friends (and) board members to the hotel to continually drink.

“We found this a big distraction for the players whilst they are trying to prepare for every game,” he said.

Schuster countered this by saying the revelations were an embarrassment for the organisation.

“It was my job to socialise, to make the families and sponsors feel good. What’s the harm in that?” he queried

“I can assure you there was no partying.

“I would have a cup of coffee, a glass of beer with families and dignitaries in my role providing support behind the scenes. It all helps to build our financial support, which we need.”

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