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21st May 2023 - 27th May 2023
Opinion: Young people deserve and need sound guidance on healthy relationships and sex
Ciara Lynch of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre says what is increasingly clear is that society needs to get real on sex education for children and young people.
This year
# sexual health
Call to consider including advice for over-40s in new sexual health strategy
An independent review has made 32 recommendations on how to advance Ireland’s sexual health and wellbeing.
Teacher: 'We've handed over the sexual education of a generation to the porn industry'
Eoghan Cleary’s students gave him an honest account of the pornography they were exposed to every day.
Last year
# sex education
New SPHE syllabus to teach Junior Certs how to recognise domestic violence, minister says
Emotional wellbeing, gender, and how to be safe online will be updated features of a new SPHE curriculum.
All time
A teacher: Early years sex education can reduce aggression in children and improve gender equality
Teacher Dearbhla Crosse says the new teachings for Catholic primary schools from the Irish Bishops Conference is not in line with latest research.
New Catholic school sex education programme not in line with Government policy, says Tánaiste
Róisín Shortall said the transfer of patronage was ‘a snail-paced programme’.
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Catholic group that taped students together in sex ed talks develops presentation for primary schools
Teenagers have previously spoken to about the presentations in secondary schools – in one case a group was told condoms fail one in six times.
Lynn Ruane: 'We can't keep failing young people with inadequate sex education'
We are hopefully moving towards a country with a more positive attitude to sex and relationships.
# Istanbul Convention
Concerns raised over 'limited' access to appropriate sex education for Irish kids
The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has set out its recommendations for key priority actions for the State.
# Educate Together
Parents' protest leads to Dublin school cancelling plans for Catholic agency to offer sex education
Parents had objected to a religious agency offering education at a multi-denominational Educate Together school.
# factcheck
FactCheck: Will children aged 4 and under be taught about masturbation if the sex education bill becomes law?
The claim was made by a Renua local election candidate.
# sex education
In Russia, men and women are turning to sex coaches to get over Soviet-era taboos
Sex, as a subject, remains largely an unmentionable in Russia.
# Child Protection
Irish government to consider similar legislation to UK 'porn block' law
From July pornography sites will be required to have robust age-verification systems in place for UK users.
# overhaul
External agencies providing sex ed in schools to be regulated in recommended radical overhaul
A report launching today calls for a radical overhaul of how sex education is taught in both primary and secondary schools.
Opinion: Let's talk about sex and pornography - like adults do
Now is the time for a mature and sensible discussion about sex and porn. We really need mandatory modern sex education introduced in schools too, writes Caroline West.
# sex education
First-born children more likely than younger siblings to learn about sex from parents
The order in which children are born may play a significant role in how they learn about sex, especially for boys.
# bishop of elphin
Minister on bishop's comments: 'Contraception is fact of life now for women'
Mary Mitchell O’Conner said she agreed with the health minister that religion should not determine health and social policy in Ireland.
# sex ed
Minister 'shocked' and 'taken aback' at the age Irish children are viewing pornography
A new survey finds that 53% of boys in Ireland first watched porn under the age of 13.
# sex education
'Like rabbits caught in headlights': Catholic schools head says sex ed has not moved with the times
TDs and Senators pressed on if elements of sex education would be left out of the curriculum in Catholic schools.
# free contraception
Government to provide more free condoms to tackle crisis pregnancies
Consideration is also being given to the extension of the provision of the morning-after pill.
# On Chesil Beach
Like the rest of us, Saoirse Ronan received some pretty dodgy sex education at school
Saoirse Ronan had to pay 20c for every bit of info she wanted to know about sex.
# Speaking out
'The only thing I remember about sex education was STIs': Young people have their say on sex education
Recent survey results from Youth Work Ireland have shown how recent events like the #MeToo movement have changed the conversation around sex.
# sexual health
Coveney: 'Sex education isn't about religion. The State must ensure young people get the facts'
He said young people today are exposed to much more explicit forms of pornography and sexual content than any generation before them.
# Online
Poll: Is online pornography a 'useful' way to learn about sex?
A new survey suggests that around one in five young people feel that it is a useful way to find out about sex.
# sex education bill
Here's how Twitter reacted to Fianna Fail's opposition to the sex education bill
Some politicians seem to be stuck in 1971
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Varadkar condemns list in Cork school that said 'the girls with the most number of ticks will get raped'
The list proves the need to modernise our sexual education in schools, the Taoiseach said.
# let's talk about sex
'Religious groups shouldn't be involved in sex education'
Proposed legislation seeks to remove religious ethos from sex education in schools.
# sex education
9 things that won't be included in the new sex education curriculum
You can’t teach someone to be prepared for when Mambo No. 5 accidentally comes on shuffle.
# sex education
Minister orders full review of sex education in schools
Richard Bruton is due to address the annual conference of the ASTI teachers’ union this morning.
# The Pill
Government considering the roll-out of free contraception
Minister Harris said work to consider the costs and other implications is continuing within his department.
# yasssss
Former footballer Richie Sadlier is winning praise for talking about consent classes on The Ray D'Arcy Show
Something all schools could benefit from.
# sex education
Poll: When is the right time to explain where babies come from?
A new report has called for better, more inclusive sex education.
# Equality
Young people want better sex education, gender-neutral toilets and LGBTI history taught in schools
Young people who took part in the consultation want to see the normalisation of ‘non-traditional relationships’.
# Baby One More Time
Jeremy Kyle got schooled on sex education this morning and everyone's morts for him
The shoe’s on the other foot, for once.
Opinion: 'There is a massive avoidance of LGBT+ sex on the curriculum for sex ed'
Ireland needs to be more proactive around the area of sex education for LGBT+ teens, writes Cionnaith Ó Duibhir.
# teenage pregnancies
Large increase in under-16s having children, but decline in overall teenage birthrate
The teenage birthrate has decreased by 60% since 2001.
# staying safe
'I had sex with 40 women... I never did use condoms': Call for increased sex-ed in care homes
A series of reports produced by Tusla and the HSE has found a need for a boost in sex education.
# god knows what's best
This 1980s Catholic Irish sex education video for girls is beyond parody
“Some people might call it a John Willy.”
This Italian porn star has offered to teach sex education in schools
Rocco Siffredi, known as the ‘Italian stallion’, said his industry has become a way to learn about sex for young people.
# lovemaking
This eighties Irish sex education video is unbearably cringey
“Everything is based on love”.