Sports Film Of The Week: Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts Of Flatbush

The award-winning documentary tells the tale of one of baseball’s former giants.

Jackie Robinson.
Jackie Robinson.
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Title: Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts Of Flatbush

Release date: 2007

The plot: This Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary tells the famous story of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who were the pride of the New York borough until they relocated to Los Angeles in 1958, from the rise of baseball’s first black player Jackie Robinson to the success of the ‘Boys of Summer’ in 1955.

As well as being a riveting sports tale, it gives excellent historical, social and political insight into America in the first half of the 20th century.

What the critics said: “Captures the pre-expansion era with lots of great archival footage, and deftly highlights two revolutions spurred by the Dodgers.” (Dave Nemetz)

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