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The 10 best moustaches in sport
Draw some inspiration from this rogues’ gallery ahead of the start of Movember on Monday.

IT’S THAT TIME of the year again. Movember begins on Monday – the month when post-pubescent males around the globe cultivate moustaches in aid of charity.

Here, for those of you about to embark on the most unhygenic and lonely of life’s journeys is some inspiration from the hairy world of sport.

The 10 best moustaches in sport
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  • Willie Joe Padden

    Moustache style: Agricultural Will Galway bate Mayo, the Saw Doctors asked lyrically some years ago. Not if they have Willie Joe, was the refrain, of course. Most people, however, fail to realise that all Padden’s strength was derived from his impressive lip-tickler. In his later years, when a clean shave was fashionable, an almost unrecognisable Willie Joe was reduced to playing Junior B.Source: INPHO/Billy Stickland
  • Bruce Grobbelaar

    Moustache style: ivory poacher This clown of a goalkeeper didn't need any ornamental facial hair to make people laugh during a mistake-ridden but successful career with Liverpool and Southampton - but he went for it anyway. Source: Tim Ockenden/PA Archive/Press Association Images
  • Donal Lenihan

    Moustache style: barber shop Donal Lenihan has managed Ireland and the Lions. He also managed to pull off the Tom Selleck look will winning most line-outs in a distinguished career.
  • Hulk Hogan

    Moustache style: Fu Manchu When asked recently, whose cookie duster I modelled my own when I participated in Movember last year, I had to admit, with my 24-inch pythons, I went for the Hulkamania look. What a pro.Source: Jeff Christensen/AP/Press Association Images
  • Keith Hernandez

    Moustache Style: Disco One of the best first basemen in baseball, ‘Mex’ was part of the feral New York Mets that won an unlikely World Series in 1986. He and the moustache later appeared in Seinfeld, fact fans, as the 'second spitter' in the superb pastiche of Oliver Stone’s JFK.Source: PA
  • Mark Lawrenson

    Moustache style: Yosser Hughes The look de jour at Anfield in the glory days, the former Liverpool defender matched the efforts of his team-mates. Lawrenson shaved it off thankfully following Bolton’s Premier League survival - despite his prediction.Source: PA
  • Martin Storey

    Moustache style: YMCA The Oulart-the-Ballagh man captained Wexford to a famous All-Ireland title win in 1996 despite this look. The 'tache went on to win a Texaco All Star award in its own right.Source: INPHO/Lorraine O'Sullivan
  • Michael Phelps

    Moustache style: trailerpark chic The Baltimore man can do what he likes, as far as I'm concerned. But if you're wearing swimming trunks designed by Sony engineers in order to shave milliseconds off swim times, why ADD weight to your face?Source: Jason Redmond/AP/Press Association Images
  • Rollie Finger

    Moustache style: Dastardly Never heard of this guy before today. But you've got to respect his committment.Source: AP/Press Association Images
  • Barry McGuigan

    Moustache style: California Highway Patrol Like many moustache-istas of the 80s, McGuigan has now disowned his facial hair. But let it not be forgotten that the Clones Cyclone became world featherweight champion with this well-manicured effort.Source: Inpho

Edit, Nov 1, 10:07: A reader sends in this suggestion – this man is Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico, a former Australian Rules player with Hawthorn for 16 years who was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2007.

Can you think of finer mustachioed men from the world of sport? Let us know in the comments.

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