The YouTube chart: because you've got to see the Taiwanese animation of Balotelli's life

If it’s Thursday – and I’m told it is – it must be time for the week’s best online clips.

8. This is the way I play basketball, yo.

7. Quite the dive, indeed. But who has their high school football game recorded from not one, but two separate camera angles?

6. From today’s Guardian post, Mick McCarthy gets scared by… nothing.

5. This little rally between Novak Djokovic and his training partner starts off harmlessly enough before building into a life-or-death battle of wills. Mesmeric.

4. Mid-way through the fourth game of this year’s World Series, the Texas Rangers dispatched their secret weapon to centre-field. Yeah, he looks just like a normal groundsman, but…

3. Once upon a time Russia had an authoritarian leader who liked to hunt tigers, practice his judo and explore the wilderness on horseback. Now, Vlad Putin enjoys playing badminton with him lame-looking friend Dmitri.

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2. Mario Balotelli is someone we’ve all come ot love through his wacky, wacky ways. Firework mishaps, throwing darts at youth players and money at passerbys. Behold, the Taiwanese perception of Super Mario’s time in England.

1. Bradley Walsh is less mature than me…

What have we missed?

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