VIDEO: 12-year-old Australian tipped as the next Usain Bolt

His 200 metre best is just 4 seconds off the Jamaican’s World record.

Could Jason Gallaugher emulate the great Usain Bolt?
Could Jason Gallaugher emulate the great Usain Bolt?
Image: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

AUSTRALIA MAY HAVE found the country’s next sporting superstar.

Jason Gallaugher, a 12-year-old, has become a viral sensation since footage emerged of him coming from 20 metres down in the final leg of the New South Wales primary school championships to help his school win the 4x100m relay.

The Melbourne Herald Sun reports his time of 11.72 for the 100m is the fastest time recorded in the US or Australia by anyone in that age group.

To put Gallaugher’s time in context, the fastest ever final leg of a 100m relay was recorded by Asafa Powel during the 2008 Olympics when he brought the Jamaican team home in 8.70 seconds.

His coach is fully aware of Gallaugher’s potential too, telling the Melbourne Herald Sun:

“When I talk about him with my wife and family, we just say he is going to be the greatest sprinter (Australia) has ever had if he keeps improving at the rate which he is.”

As for those Bolt comparisons, they’re not without foundation. Gallaugher’s personal best over 200 metres is 23.76, less than four seconds slower than Usain Bolt’s world record, not bad for a 12-year-old.

And here he is in action:

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