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VIDEO: Phone call interrupts Beckham press conferece, he refuses to answer rival brand

‘It’s not Samsung’, says Becks. He knows who pays the bills.

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DAVID BECKHAM MET with the media leading up tonight’s MLS Cup Final. And during one of his answers, an iPhone on the table, which was doubling as a reporter’s recorder, received a phone call.

In a move we have seen from celebrities before, Beckham offered to answer the phone.

But when the reporter gave Beckham permission to answer, Becks, possibly remembering who pays the bills, joked “it’s not Samsung, sorry I can’t.”

The room laughed in the assumption that this was a joke, but Beckham’s face lapsed into a deadly serious pose. He wasn’t kidding around.

Still, he didn’t get quite as wound up as his former teammate and captain did…

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