Thar She Blows
VIDEO: Team New Zealand swerve to avoid whale in Volvo Ocean Race
“It’s on the left, ON THE LEFT!”

WE’VE HEARD OF dastardly racers scattering thumb-tacks and ball bearings to slow down competitors but this is ridiculous.

The Team New Zealand Crew, aboard Camper, were hurtling through the North Atlantic Ocean at a speed of 20 knots (37kph) when their Volvo Ocean Race got a smidge more exciting.

The crew had to react quickly as a whale breached and loomed only metres from its bow.

Helmsman, Roberto Bermudez de Castro said it was fortunate that the crew took the decision to swerve right as the whale headed left.

“We were really, really lucky,” he said. “It is a big animal. A collision that does not bear thinking about.”

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The race continues today with Camper and her crew hurtling from Miami, USA to Lisbon, Portugal.

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