WATCH: Have we finally found 'Joxer' for the Euro 2012 generation?

Sample lyric: “Well Joxer called his German bird. He said, ‘Fraulein, I guess you’ve heard about Tallinn.’”

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WE MIGHT BE overreacting slightly but this sounds like an instant classic to us.

The Artistic Differences are four Irish lads living in Australia. They’re not musicians. They’re just football fans who decided to write down the lyrics that they were discussing in the pub one night.

And frankly, we should be very grateful to them.

What are they
really like?

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The song, set to the tune of Smokie’s “Living Next Door to Alice”, opens with the line:

Well Joxer called his German bird. He said, ‘Fraulein, I guess you’ve heard about Tallinn.’

It only gets better from there on with some interesting references to a certain Frenchman’s ban from Dublin’s public transport and the genealogical roots of Signor Trapattoni.

Newstalk report that the band are in talks with the Irish Cancer Society to record the song with all proceeds going to the charity. Watch out, Simon Cowell.

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