Daydream believer

This is what the celebrations will look like if the Chicago Cubs ever win the World Series again

But that’s never going to happen, is it?

YouTube Credit: PlayStation

WHO’D BE A fan of the Chicago Cubs? Even people who are trying to sell them stuff are taking the mickey out of baseball’s “Lovable Losers”.

The Cubs last won the World Series back in 1908 — a whopping 103 years ago — so you can imagine what the celebrations in Chi-Town will be like if they do ever make it out of the desert into the promised land.

Unfortunately, the good people at Playstation reckon that the only way this minor miracle can occur is in a computer game — convenient timing, with the gaming giant’s new MLB 12: The Show hitting shops in the US yesterday.

The ad’s ”So real, it’s unreal” tagline has got to sting though, right Cubs fans?

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