Waterford United survive as winding-up order struck out in court
Fans collected money to ensure the Blues were saved.

WATERFORD UNITED SUPPORTERS have saved the club from closure in the High Court today after a deal was made with former manager Stephen Henderson to prevent the club from being wound up.

The fans began a campaign in Waterford on Saturday to raise funds to add to the €50,000 that was offered to Henderson by the club in a last-gasp bid to stop the Blues from being wound up.

The group collected money all over Waterford with many pledging money if a deal could be brokered with their former manager.

The group met Henderson in Dublin last night where an agreement was made. Justice Laffoy was asked to delay the matter until 2pm to allow for further discussions to take place between the parties in a bid to strike a deal. A deal was struck shortly before 2pm and Justice Laffoy struck out the winding-up petition against the club.

The fans group have pledged €10,000 to the agreement, with one fan giving up his salary to help secure the deal. €5k is to be paid to Henderson
on Friday.

“We could not have done it without the fans and the huge effort of all fans,” Russell Dalton, one of the fans involved, said after the court hearing. ”We’ve got donations others fans too, some from Dundalk and from people who people who have been through a similar situation that we’ve been through.”

“We got donations from all over the world. We still have a long, long way to go, so we have to push on with the effort, as we still have an obligation to meet.

“It must be known that, and I gather that the club will acknowledge, the work that us five people here did in getting where we are today. If we hadn’t stepped in, only last Saturday, we could be having a completely different ending here today.

“We are deeply upset and embarrassed the way things have gone and how far they’ve gone. This is a ridiculous situation and we can never be in this situation again.  It’s all about the fans at the end of the day, they’ve been absolutely fantastic, people gave in months on salary, the dedication shown by the fans has been phenomenal and on behalf of the five of us here, and on behalf of everybody who supports Waterford United, thank you very much, but we still need your help.”

After the case was struck out, Waterford United thanked their fans, and in a statement reiterated the important role they played in saving the club.

“Waterford United are very happy that the on-going high court dispute has been today resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, and the club can now move on and look to the future.

“The club would particularly like to thank the Blues fans — so many of whom have put their hands in their pockets over the last couple of days and dug deep once again to help their club, John O’Riordan of Dillon Eustace Solicitors, and the FAI, for all of their help in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.”

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