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Welcome to Japan's new Kasumigaoka National Stadium

The venue should be ready in time to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

TO US, IT looks like an updated, oversized version of the Millennium Falcon, but to British architect, Zaha Hadid and the powers-that-be in Japan, it’s going to be the coolest 80,000-seater stadium €1.25 billion can buy.

Hadid’s (who also designed the London Aquatics Centre) design was selected this week as Japan count down to hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

With the stadium planned for Tokyo, the structure is also expected to be the centre-piece for the Olympic and Paralympic bid from the city for the 2020 Games.

With or without the Olympics, the renovated venue – which previously hosted the 1964 Games –  will pay the bills by housing concerts and becoming the new home for Japan’s national football team.

Welcome to Japan's new Kasumigaoka National Stadium
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  • The Kasumigaoka National Stadium.

  • A side on view of the stadium with Tokyo as the backdrop.

  • Inside, set up for athletics.

  • Football? Check.

  • Small stage, big crowd.