24 World Cup memories we won’t forget from Italia '90

It’s 25 years today since the tournament kicked off.

1. Ciao, the official World Cup mascot with a football for a head

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90 Source: EMPICS Sport

2. Sheedy puts the ball in the English net

Kevin Sheedy 1990 Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO

Source: CuChoileain/YouTube

3. Dunphy infamously “throwing” his pen after Ireland’s 0-0 with Egypt

Dunphy pen Source: YouTube

Source: Mare Footage/YouTube

4. Van Breukelen spills and Quinny follows in as the Boys in Green hold the Dutch to a draw

Quinn Holland Source: YouTube

5. Packie’s save from Timofte

Packie Source: YouTube

6. The nation holds its breath…

Source: jazzforall/YouTube

7. The partying that followed

Source: Daithi333/YouTube

8. Mick Byrne gets his wish and the Ireland team meet the pope

The Irish team meet Pope John Paul II 1990 Ireland kitman Charlie O'Leary alongside Pope John Paul II. Source: INPHO

9. “F*** Schillaci!” Ireland narrowly lose out to the Italians in Rome

Schillaci Source: YouTube

Source: CuChoileain/YouTube

10. Baggio’s wondergoal against the Czechs

Source: EveryFourthYear/YouTube

11. A cracker from Belgium midfielder Enzo Scifo

Source: soccergoals2010/YouTube

12. First-timers Costa Rica cause a shock against Scotland

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90 - Group C - Costa Rica v Scotland Cayasso beats Scotland goalkeeper Jim Leighton. Source: EMPICS Sport

13. While Cameroon upset the Argies

Source: ratpackmanreturns/YouTube

14. Their tactic? Stop Claudio Caniggia

Source: Blochin/YouTube

15. Rene Higuita’s blunder allows Milla in

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90 - Second Round - Colombia v Cameroon Source: EMPICS Sport

16. And those memorable dance moves

Milla Source: YouTube

17. Frank Rijkaard gets something off his chest with Rudi Voller (twice) on the receiving end

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90 - Second Round - West Germany v Netherlands Source: Witters/Press Association Images

Source: tienefuego/YouTube

18. David Platt with an over-the-shoulder volley to win it late for England against Belgium

Platt Belgium Source: YouTube

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19. Gazza’s tears…

Paul Gascoigne cries in World Cup 1990 Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO

Source: fiebremundialista/YouTube

20. And England losing out to Germany on penalties in the semis

Source: snubianvideo/YouTube

21. Players see red in a World Cup final for the first time as Argentina’s Pedro Monzon and Gustavo Dezotti get their marching orders

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90 - Final - West Germany v Argentina Source: EMPICS Sport

22. Andreas Brehme’s penalty hands West Germany their third World Cup

Brehme goal final 1990 Source: YouTube

23. Celebrating like we won the thing during Ireland’s epic homecoming

Paul McGrath 1990 Source: INPHO

Source: CuChoileain/YouTube

24. BBC’s brilliant end credits accompanied by Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma

Source: MITOGEN/YouTube

What do you remember of the 1990 World Cup? We’ve a week worth of pieces on the way so get that clappy-hands baseball cap out of the attic. 

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