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YouTube Top 10: because Joey's (probably) okay
Plus: Sonny Bill Williams whaling on a podgemeister, the accuracy of FIFA 12′s demo and a man with buttocks of steel!

10. Marion Barber celebrated his game-winning touchdown for the Chicago Bears last week by executing a disasterous backflip… or was it a cry for help?

9. Leverkusen’s Eren Derdiyok didn’t just scored a cracker of a goal against Wolfsburg last week, he scored goal of the Bundesliga season. Unglaubliche wunderklasse (or something to that effect)!

8. Here’s a diligent young man harnessing the downward force of his buttocks to crush walnuts and set a new Guinness World Record. Why yes, he is Japanese; how did you guess?

7. Morgan State University’s Edwin Baptiste is clearly quite good at catching things.

6. Some radical dudes decided to make the most of San Diego’s recent Red Tide (explanation here) by waiting until nighfall to surf some neon blue waves. Whoa, dude…

5. EA Sports’ FIFA 12 demo became a laughing stock, but was it really that far off the mark?

4. Twinkle-toed Sergio Canales is so infuriating to share a pitch with, even referees are queueing up take him out of the game.

3. Sonny Bill Williams: exciting rugby player, rubbish boxer?

2. With Ireland’s World Cup quarter-final clash with Wales just around the corner, now’s the time for a quick flashback to ROG’s “manky” 2009 drop-goal. It’s getting dusty in here… *wipes eyes*

1. “You alright?” *SILENCE “I think Joey’s okay.”

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