10 last-minute marathon panics every runner has

With the Dublin Marathon taking place on Monday, here are some feelings that every amateur athlete will relate to.

1. Is my playlist long enough? 

Candybox Stock Image Source: Press Association Images

2. “I’m not going to have enough time in the morning. Better lay out my running clothes.”

NIKE AIR ZOOM MOIRE IPOD Source: AP/Press Association Images

3. Obsessively checking the route map, attempting to memorise every single hill and mile-marker


4. I’ll probably win the bloody thing

Spain Soccer Real Madrid Source: Victor R. Caivano

5. Have I carbo-loaded enough? Maybe I should eat that pizza

HEALTHY MAYOR Source: AP/Press Association Images

6. Jesus, I hope I sleep

Bonham Carter/Liberty Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

7. One drink to calm the nerves wouldn’t hurt

Drinking Down Under Source: AP/Press Association Images

8. “WAS THAT A SNIFFLE?! Stay 500m away from me at all times” 


9. Hydration: already drank two litres… better have another glass

Athletics - 2013 Virgin London Marathon - London Source: Mike Egerton

10. Should I bring a roll of toilet paper? Will there be some in the portable toilets? What if there’s not?

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