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26 signs you're a genuine sports nerd
Can you claim to be a true anorak?

1. You grew up addicted to Eurosport


2. You think you’re cool by virtue of the fact that Jonny Sexton is also a self-confessed ‘sports nerd’


3. You think Bill Simmons is basically God

Jimmy Kimmel Live

4. Whenever you were assigned a short story in English class, you’d always write it about the team who came back from an impossible scenario to secure a heroic victory (basically, the end of The Waterboy)

David Parker

5. You were useless at computer games, apart from FIFA, Pro Evo and Jonah Lomu rugby, at which you excelled


6. You blame all of your failures in life on Football Manager-related distractions


7. You drink coffee on account of your fondness for insomnia/staying up late and watching NFL


Via Reaction gifs

8. You castigate bandwagon-jumpers whenever Ireland win a medal in some obscure sport that you’ve followed closely for years

CURL Men World The Canadian Press / Press Association Images The Canadian Press / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

9. Not only do you play Fantasy Football but you also play Fantasy Rugby, Fantasy GAA, all the Fantasy US sports, study the numbers religiously and bet serious sums on them


10. When someone asks an “impossible” sporting trivia question in the bar, you’re the person who refuses to give up until you’ve guessed the right answer


11. You have the Football Italia theme tune as your ringtone

Sandrine Zidane

12. When someone says “I think it was…” in relation to a sporting event, you’re able to give them chapter and verse until they’re bored stiff with the details


13. Every year, you make an effort to read all of the book’s nominated for the William Hill prize 


14. You tell everyone you know to watch ‘Hoop Dreams’


15. You buy newspapers/read websites solely on the strength of their sports coverage

Britain England Soccer South Africa WCup AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

16. You’re a big fan of snooker, darts and WWE and insist that ACTUALLY, they do count as real sports

Wrestlemania Wrestling Mel Evans Mel Evans

17. You’re not going on holidays this summer — you’re taking a month off to watch the World Cup instead

Soccer - 1994 FIFA World Cup - Final - Brazil v Italy - Rose Bowl, Pasadena EMPICS Sport EMPICS Sport

18. You enjoy explaining the finer points of minority sports to people who only watch them during the Olympics


19. You constantly get frustrated at people’s failure to understand sportspeak


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20. You were a big fan of shows like Fantasy Football before graduating to newer ones like Soccer AM

TOPLINE PR - Fantasy League Press Conference EMPICS Sport EMPICS Sport

21. You support the women’s national teams just as fervently as the men’s equivalent

Heather O'Brien scores the first try of the game ©INPHO / Donall Farmer ©INPHO / Donall Farmer / Donall Farmer

22. You admire more cerebral TV pundits like Gary Neville and Shane Horgan

RTÉ Sport

23. You regularly quote the speech from ‘Any Given Sunday’


24. You prefer to watch matches at home rather than in a pub, so you can concentrate

Candybox Stock Image Press Association Images Press Association Images

25. You roll your eyes when someone claims that a last-minute goal denied them their 12-team accumulator


26. You remember years by sporting achievements

houghton 2

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