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33 things that will definitely happen during Transfer Deadline Day tomorrow

We take you through what to expect, as the footballing equivalent of Christmas approaches.

1. Harry Redknapp rolling down his car windowimage

2. The words ‘we’re hearing reports’ will be used ad nauseam


3. Ditto ‘more news as we get it’

YouTube credit: breaking news

4. A sudden revival in Odemwingie memes


Via memegenerator

5. Football hipsters will make lots of ironic jokes about how tiresome the ironic Jim White jokes have become


h/t @DavidJEWood

6. Darragh MacAnthony will make his bi-annual appearance on SSN

YouTube credit: LaLigaAction

7. SSN will be forced to apologise for the lewd behaviour of certain attention-seeking fans

YouTube credit: bazzo1992

8. Irish fans wait in vain for Kevin Doyle to move somewhere — anywhere — so he can get away from Wolves


9. Every Sky Sports News presenter will look either a) like it’s Christmas and their birthday rolled into one b) stressed and overworked

YouTube credit: Tom Newton

10. People will milk the Yohan Kebab jokes while they still can


11. Lack of last-minute transfer deals cause angry fans to accuse their club of lacking ambition

YouTube credit: ArsenalFanTV

12. Abundance of last-minute transfer deals cause angry fans to accuse their club of panic-buying


Via 7amkickoff

13. Approximately 5,573 uses of the term ‘BREAKING’ — to the point where the word loses all meaning/credibility

YouTube credit: SuperCarsTV

14. Journalists on Twitter typing at a furious pace in an attempt to reference the latest club press release ahead of their rivals


(INPHO/Billy Stickland)

15. Journalists on Twitter typing at a furious pace in an attempt to reference the latest Twitter rumour ahead of their rivals


16. People insisting that most clubs want to wait until the summer to get the big deals done


17. The grim realisation that no one wants to sign Wes Hoolahan sets in


(Barrington Coombs/EMPICS Sport)

18. ‘Player x is on the motorway’

YouTube credit: Luke Kempner

19. Lots of ‘frantic last-minute activity’ come midnight


20. At least one fan doing the Joe Hart dance

YouTube credit: LaLigaAction

21. Piers Morgan trolling his followers


22. Numerous pics of players posing blandly in their new jerseys


23. Lots of ridiculous parodies

YouTube credit: gunnerblog

24. Hastily contrived YouTube compilations that make players look way better than they turn out to be

YouTube credit: flort13

25. Snap judgements on whether prospective new signings are good enough


26. Celebrity endorsements of Deadline Day


27. Edited Wikipedia pages


28. Cynicism. Lots and lots of cynicism


29. Ludicrous transfer rumours


30. Typos


31. Inexplicable levels of Gary Hooper love


32. An inevitable sense of anti-climax


33. An endless amount of dodgy photoshops


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