EMPICS Sports Photo Agency Ally showed his acting chops back in 2001.
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McCoist might be out at Rangers, so can we get a sequel to the cringetastic 'A Shot at Glory'?
This might be the worst sports film ever made.

THERE HAVE BEEN reports swirling around this week that Ally McCoist is on his way out as Rangers manager but we have the perfect way for him to fill his time if he is pottering around his house.

We definitely think a sequel to McCoist’s hilarious dreadful football film A Shot at Glory could be the showbiz springboard he needs to get back on the Question of Sport panel.

mcgowan1984 / YouTube

That trailer is the greatest two minutes of video ever produced. It even gets the Big Voice treatment, ‘In the small village of Kilnockie… not much… ever changes’.

The Wikipedia blurb is even better though. The dastardly Michael Keaton wanted to move the team to Ireland!

Robert Duvall plays the club coach, Gordon McLeod. Jackie McQuillan (Ally McCoist) is the team’s striker who has recently been signed fromArsenal. McQuillan is a legendary ex-Celtic (ironic given McCoist’s iconic stature atRangers) player as well as the coach’s son-in-law, and has a reputation for being troublesome. The two men put their personal problems aside as they try to prevent the small fishing town of Kilnockie from losing its club, which is owned by an American (played by Michael Keaton) who wants to move the team to Dublin in Ireland.

How on earth did this film get made?

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