Aaron Rodgers says Ryan Braun 'lied to his face' over drugs

The Packers QB has previously bet his salary on Braun being clean.

GREEN BAY PACKERS quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he was “shocked” when his friend Ryan Braun admitted he violated baseball’s rules against using performance-enhancing substances.

Rodgers says the Milwaukee Brewers slugger “looked me in the eye” and it “didn’t feel great being lied to like that.” He says he’s disappointed.

Braun has accepted a season-ending 65-game suspension. He and Rodgers are friends, and a Milwaukee restaurant is named after the Wisconsin stars.

Rodgers defended Braun on Twitter last year, saying he would bet his salary that his friend was clean.

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On Friday at training camp, Rodgers says he was simply “backing up a friend” then. Rodgers says they’ve spoken since Braun’s admission.

Rodgers also says he “believes in forgiveness” and moving forward, though Braun has a tough task ahead of him.

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