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AFL agent Ricky Nixon banned for two years
Scout acted improperly and faces 24 months out of the business, his peers find.

THE CAREER OF AFL and GAA super-scout Ricky Nixon is in tatters this morning.

The disgraced player agent has had his license revoked for a minimum of two years by the AFL Players Association’s agent accreditation board.

The Association says Nixon breached regulations  over his “inappropriate personal relationship” with a 17-year-old girl who had made a series of allegations against players he represented.

The girl filmed Nixon in a hotel room dressed only in his underwear and claimed they  were in an ongoing sexual relationship and had taken drugs together.

Association chairman Ian Prendergast said earlier. “Ricky Nixon has been an AFL player agent for over 15 years. He has been an innovator in the industry and has contributed much to the promotion of player rights and interests throughout this time.

“However the Board has found today that Ricky has in recent times made serious errors of judgment which warrant a serious response.”

“I wish to advise that the Board, in taking into consideration all the material before it, has found that Ricky Nixon breached the regulations by engaging in the following conduct:

1. Entering into an inappropriate personal relationship with a young person who had been in conflict with players the Player Agent acts for;

2. Acting in a manner contrary to the interests of players for whom he acts; and

3. Misrepresenting to players for whom he acts the nature of the relationship he had with this young person.

“On the basis of these findings, the Board has resolved to exercise its disciplinary powers under the Agent Regulations and has determined that Ricky Nixon’s accreditation be revoked and that he not be entitled to reapply for accreditation for a minimum of two years.”


The future for Nixon is now uncertain. His star-studded client list is under threat and his agency Flying Start under pressure while his personal life is as damaged. He will not be in a position to poach Ireland’s young GAA talent for the foreseeable future.

But Nixon is said to be unapologetic. Asked whether Nixon had expressed remorse, Prendergast said he had expressed only disappointment.

“So it’s fair to assume there was no apology made,” the association chairman added.

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