INPHO/Cathal Noonan 'Effin' Eddie Moroney celebrates after the final whistle in the Tipperary SFC final against Loughmore-Castleiney.
I'm not well

'And the referee is looking around and acting the mickey'- Effin Eddie and Aherlow centre-stage again

He gained notoriety for a colourful match commentary almost 20 years ago. Now Eddie Moroney and Aherlow get ready for another big day.

AHERLOW FACE A star-studded Dr Crokes – complete with Kerry wizard Colm Cooper – in a Munster club championship semi-final today.

Whatever the result, the south Tipperary side will enjoy their big day – just as they did almost two decades ago.

Clubman ‘Effin’ Eddie Moroney found notoriety after a unique, expletive-ridden match commentary during Aherlow’s clash with Eire Óg Nenagh in the 1991 Tipperary U21 Football final.

The Irish Daily Star’s Peter Sweeney this week asked some in Aherlow about the memorable punditry. Said Tom Leonard, club chairman:

He’s our ambassador, but we don’t all act like him. He’s a one-off but we are all characters down here.

They call us the Hillbillies because we live between two mountains. I was close to him that day, it was one of many special memories.

Today they’ll hope to make a few more – and they will play without fear, Leonard says.

Here’s some of the most memorable passages from Moroney’s commentary:

  • He’s given a penalty. The bollix has given a penalty!
  • It comes back to.. what the hell is his name? And he kicks it and Kirby has it. Has he?
  • And the number 12 is John Kennedy. Wait now a minute (long pause). Where did that go lads? Wide.
  • And the referee is looking around and acting the mickey.
  • (After a massive burp) I think I feel like getting sick. I think I’m going to sick after that beer yesterday. I’m not well.
  • To Timmy Maroney who’s wedding is later in the month. It will be another heavy day I’d say.
  • …and he won’t even kick a f****** point
  • There’s no trusting [the ref] at all. He must have no wipers on his glasses
  • And the game is over. Aherlow the history men! Aherlow are county champions. What a victory! Mother of God, there’s going to be a big night in the Glen. It’s definintely, probably one of the biggest days in Aherlow GAA circumstance!

Here’s a lovely, short animation using the audio but to buy the entire match commentary, visit the Aherlow GAA website.