21 reasons Andrea Pirlo is the ultimate midfield boss

This is Pirlo’s game face. He’s THAT cool.

THE WORLD’S GREATEST player takes to the field in this Saturday’s Champions League final.

Forget your Messies and your Ronaldoes, because the Daddy of all footballers, the Bearded Gent that has made Italian football worth watching for the past 20 years is still going strong, still dominating games ‘with his pipe and slippers’.

Here’s why Andrea Pirlo is an absolute boss.

1. First and foremost, he’s the heartbeat of any team lucky enough to have him


2. Even as a scrawny debutant in ’95, you can tell he sees the game differently

pirlo insta2 Source: Andrea Pirlo/Instagram

 3. It’s simple: If you want to be great, study The Great One

If Lamps plays his cards right, he’ll be partnering The Bearded Gent in a New York midfield next season.

AP FACEBOOK 4 Source: Andrea Pirlo/Facebook

4. Skills? You know he’s got ‘em!


5. Chilling out time is Andrea’s time to shine

AP FACBOOK1 Source: Andrea Pirlo/Facebook

6. He’s such a snappy dresser


AP FACEBOOK 2 Source: Andrea Pirlo/Facebook

7. Like, seriously!

pirlo insta3 Source: Andrea Pirlo/Instagram

8. Yes, even in those Y-fronts

AP FACEBOOK5 Source: Andrea Pirlo/Facebook

9. He’s just the King of Cool

Or whatever the Italian for King of Cool is.

pirlo insta Source: Andrea Pirlo/Instagram

10. You want clutch?

11. You just can’t hide class for long


12. The world thanks you for bringing the beard to us, Andrea.

I mean, you looked grand before…

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Group C - Real Madrid v Inter Milan Source: EMPICS Sport

13. And the imagination that almost pulled this off

When most would be happy to kill the game in the 94th minute, AP had one last piece of magic he wanted to try out.

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Source: NewTikkio/YouTube

14. He’s fond of a pastry now and then



15. But you can't argue with results

juve Source: J-U-V-E Tumblr

16. He's a hard man to please

Source: Juventus/YouTube

17. But obviously great craic to have a drink with

AP glass

18. He's always thinking one step ahead...

Andy you Dog Source: Pirlo Fuck Yeah/Tumblr

19. Look at him there, owning the poolside

tumblr_no1h5c8mKH1s30tclo1_1280 Source: Pirlo Fuck Yeah/Tumblr

20. Oh, did we not mention his free-kicks yet? They're flawless

pirlo fk

 21. Andrea Pirlo, don't you ever retire

Source: Short Football Videos/YouTube

THAT Roberto Carlos free-kick is now old enough to buy you a few scoops

Pirlo and Lampard to boss New York City’s midfield next season?

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