# calm the head lads
Everybody was kung fu fightin' in this Argentinian football brawl last night
Of course there’s no place for this sort of thing in football (pass the popcorn).

WE KNOW YOU’RE only here for the scrap…

Cipolletti TV / YouTube

… but in case you wanted to know just a little background, this is Argentina’s third tier of football – Torneo Federal A, group one.

Cipolletti, in green, are propping up the group, but had the lead in the second half against third-placed Deportivo Roca.

Defender Marcos Lamolla was yellow carded (harshly enough, in my view) and then earned a second for starting the first mini-scuffle. He almost walks safely to the sideline, but takes a massive detour in the direction of a Deportivo player and substitute in the far corner of the field.

That, after 3.30 in the above video, is when s*** got real and the two sets of players set about earning 10 more red cards.

Click here if you can’t view the embedded clip above.

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