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# Like a Boss
Barry Hearn has done an 'amazing job' with snooker... says Barry Hearn
Nothing to worry about; Barry Hearn says that he’s actually making snooker more exciting.

SNOOKER SUPREMO BARRY HEARN insists that he has made the game more exciting and entertaining for its fans.

The World Snooker chairman was on the end of a verbal bashing two weeks ago when Mark Allen accused him of trampling all over snooker’s traditions in order to line his own pockets.

Hearn, who is credited with revitalising darts through his changes, claims that he is doing the same for snooker by shortening matches and proposing new rules such as the introduction of a time-limited “shot clock”.

There has been a backlash from those like Allen who fear that snooker could become gaudy and boorish, but speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, Hearn said that the sport is in a better state now than when he found it.

“I’ve done an amazing job with snooker,” Hearn said. ”The game is entertaining; we’re making it more exciting.

“I’ve taken events from seven a year to 30. I’ve more than doubled the prize money.”

And while Hearn said that he isn’t particularly bothered if he rubs players up the wrong way, he has refused to rule out legal action against Allen for his “derogatory comments”.

Some of [the players] don’t like it. They want a bit of a comfortable life and trust me when I tell you they are not going to get it.

The format – getting the game more exciting, seeing results, delivering what the public want – that’s been shown.

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