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A dead sound Pirates fan threw his ball to a girl and her reaction would melt a heart of stone
Shock as baseball fan does the decent thing.

SPORTS FANS, YOU all get a little crazy when equipment starts to fly out of the field of play and in to the stands.

Maybe it’s the side effects of drinking beer and sitting outdoors for long periods of time, but baseball fans are the worst culprits for forgetting all that’s good about the world and using their superior size, weight and reflexes to steal balls from hope-filled little children.

Like this wagon.

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However, our faith in the humanity of the humble sports fan was restored during the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 – 2 win away to San Francisco Giants last night.

After catching the foul ball, the sound Pirates fan tossed the ball to someone who might appreciate it. And her reaction made us all glad he did.

Look, he REALLY went out of his way here. He clearly attempted to get the kid’s attention for a direct base hit. But those massive headphones her mam makes her wear made it impossible for her to react to anything but the sight of the ball itself.

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