The best touchdowns of the NFL season

From ODB to fake punts and everything in between.

Week 1 – James Jones (Oakland Raiders) v New York Jets

Source: MASTER LEO/YouTube

Week 2 – Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears) v San Francisco 49ers

Source: All Sports News/YouTube

Week 3 – Devin Hester (Atlanta Falcons) v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Source: The Fumble/YouTube

Week 4 – JJ Watt (Houston Texans) v Buffalo Bills

Source: All Sports News/YouTube

Week 5 – Terrance Williams (Dallas Cowboys) v Houston Texans

Source: HitStick/YouTube

Week 6 – Brian Tyms (New England Patriots) v Buffalo Bills

Source: MoreNews/YouTube

Week 7 – Stedman Bailey (St Louis Rams) v Seattle Seahawks

Source: SB Nation/YouTube

Week 8 – Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots) v Chicago Bears

Source: EpicBaseballGameplay/YouTube

Week 9 – Jacoby Jones (Baltimore Ravens) v Pittsburgh Steelers

Source: Billy Walters/YouTube

Week 10 – Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals) v St Louis Rams

Source: Fox

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Week 11 – Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots) v Indianapolis Colts

Source: The Fumble/YouTube

Week 12 – Odell Beckham Jr (New York Giants) v Dallas Cowboys

Source: ESPN 1st Take/YouTube

Week 13 – Colt McCoy (Washington) v Indianapolis Colts

Source: NFL

Week 14 – Jarius Wright (Minnesota Vikings) v New York Jets

Source: mntwinsfan1919/YouTube

Week 15 – Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys) vs Philadelphia Eagles (First touchdown in video)

Source: NFL HD/YouTube

Week 16 – Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks) vs Arizona Cardinals

Source: NFL Official/YouTube

Week 17 – Cecil Shorts (Jacksonville Jaguars) vs Houston Texans

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