Why can't every sports team owner be like Bill Murray?

The legendary comedian checked tickets at his baseball team’s game last week.

IF YOU DON’T like Bill Murray, then you are openly admitting that you are a sourpuss who hates everything. The actor and comedian is well known for his love of sports and he is co-owner of the St. Paul Saints baseball team, who play in a low level league.

To mark their final home game of the season, Murray worked at the turnstile and checked tickets. You wouldn’t see many other owners of teams doing this. Granted, how many fans would actually want to meet their owner.

Just more proof that Bill Murray is one of the best celebrity sports fans. Also, he wasn’t too bad of an actor either.

Source: John Villec/YouTube

Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation and Rushmore. The man is a untouchable.

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