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Brandon Marshall has borderline personality disorder

The Miami Dolphins’man claims to have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. This latest news should come as little surprise.

Brandon Marshall: the new
Brandon Marshall: the new "face" of BPD.
Image: J Pat Carter/AP/Press Association Images

HIS TROUBLES OFF the field are well documented, but NFL star Brandon Marshall’s erratic behaviour may finally have found an explanation.

According to Health.com’s Amanda Gardner, the wide receiver announced that he had been diagnosed as suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) at a press conference on Sunday. Dating to the previous spring, his evaluation came courtesy of McLean Hospital in Massachusetts.

Little understood, BPD is thought to affect as much as 2% of the United States’ population. Marshall claims that he wants to become the public “face” of the condition:

“My purpose moving forward is to raise awareness of this disorder — how it not only affects the patient but the families and the people in the community.”

Sharing symptoms with other, often more serious conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression, BPD has traditionally been a difficult diagnosis to make. According to Chris Cargile, a psychiatrist attached at Texas A&M University:

“BPD often manifests in “severe eruptions of depression,” distrust of other people that verges on paranoia, and “frantic” efforts to avoid abandonment.”

Worryingly, the suicide rate among sufferers of BPD is thought to be as high as 10%. If that’s the case, an increase in publicity at this point can only be a good thing.

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