Brian O'Driscoll thinks Henry Shefflin is Ireland's greatest ever athlete

And 5 other things we learned from his latest Lions Q and A.

YOUI KNOW IT’S almost Lions tour time, when Brian O’Driscoll starts doing Q&As with English newspapers.

The former Ireland skipper sat down to answer queries from readers of the Telegraph. This is what the world learned.

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1. King Henry is the top cat

When asked a vom-inducingly sycophantic question by someone with access to email, BOD insists Henry is actually Ireland’s greatest ever athlete.

“That would be the hurler Henry Shefflin, this guy has been an absolute phenomen for the last 12,13 years. He’s won nine All-Ireland championships with his county and they’re not easy to come by.”

2. He’d liked to have played with Australian centre Tim Horan

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

His assessment? “He had it all, skills ability to beat people, very smart rugby brain. Definitely the best competitor I’ve come up against.”

3. One Day was the last book he read

Brace confession and one a lot of us self-assured men have made in recent years. Not sure if he’s seen the Anne Hathaway-led movie version too. Good date film, Bri.

4. Geordan Murphy gave the most inspirational speech of his career

It was at the Rugby World Cup two years ago. We thought Paulie’s ‘manic-aggression’ offering might have got a look.

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5. He’s moved on from that whole spear-tackle thing.

The Leinster man captained the Lions on their tour to New Zealand in 2005 but his trip was ended early thanks to a Tana Umaga tip tackle in the first Test.

“Forgive and forget, you’ve got to get on with things,” he says. “It’s 8 years later so if I was still carrying that around with me I’d be a bitter old man.”

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