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# Contrition
British police apologise to sprinter after stop and search
A video of the incident saw Bianca Williams and her partner Ricardo dos Santos pulled from their car on Saturday.
# drug trafficking
UK police seize €43 million worth of heroin in record haul
The 398kg of heroin was bound for Antwerp in Belgium.
# Investigation
Police investigating after photo believed to be of late footballer Sala's body appears online
The 28-year-old Argentine footballer died in January following a plane crash off Alderney.
# Scotland Yard
Westminster attacker was 52-year-old Khalid Masood
Earlier the so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.
# not so dope
Drug dealer jailed after getting his friend to photograph him, um, preparing drugs
“The case against Shaw was helped by his own ego which saw a mate photographing him committing the crime.”
# Relief
David Moyes in clear over wine bar scuffle
23-year-old builder Josh Gillibrand claimed to have been attacked at a wine bar in the town of Clitheroe.
# Madeleine McCann
Police analysing tourists' phone data in Madeleine McCann investigation
Police are trawling through the phone records of people who were staying at the Portuguese resort at the time the little girl went missing.
# House Fire
Four children and their mother die in Essex house fire
Police are investigating a suspicious house fire in Essex that left four children and their mother dead.
# Wikileaks
British police developed evidence against McCanns: Wikileaks
Leaked cables detail how British police developed evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann after they were declared to be formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.