The Broncos' Super Bowl capitulation is just as embarrassing in Lego form

Wonder if Peyton will be studying this tape again…

Image: YouTube Screengrab

BY NOW, YOU probably know the story of the Super Bowl. Led by Peyton Manning and the league’s number one offense, the Denver Broncos were slight favourites to beat the Seattle Seahawks.

Floyd Mayweather may or may not have bet $10 million on the Broncos — he says he didn’t — but that’s not really important.

What matters is that, on their very first snap, Denver got themselves in one hell of a muddle and conceded a safety. 2-0 to Seattle.

Then 5-0, 8-0, 15-0, 22-0… and on and on through a pretty meaningless second-half and a Seahawks procession to a 43-8 win.

So yeah, it wasn’t a good night for the Broncos. Now, thanks to the good folk at and the Guardian, you can enjoy it all again.

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YouTube Credit: TheGuardian

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