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How Bundee Aki are you?
Are you fit to fill the boots of Connacht’s midfield general?

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It's early on against your most fierce rivals. Whose job is it to lay down a physical marker?
Me, obviously
One of the heavy boys in the tight five, I guess

The captain, of course.
Scrum-halves start every row
Your boss, your mentor even, announced he's leaving: how do you react
Weep silently to yourself
Everyone's got ambition, wish them good luck

Tweet about how pissed your are with an angry emoji
Huff the rest of the year away, basically go on a work to rule
Playing against some old friends, how do you treat them?
I'll probably go easy on them
I don't know those guys. All friendships are put aside on game day

I probably go in harder on them, but outside the 80 minutes, we're all good buddies again
You've picked up a serious looking and very, very sore injury, what's your move?
Suck the air in through your teeth and let the medics know that you probably won't be fit for a while
Instantly roll over, roll your hands over to indicate a replacement. you're done here time to put the feet up.

Strap it up, play on.
When delivering a pass, what's the most important thing for you?
Aesthetics, the spin has to be extremely tight
Power, gotta be some fizz on it to keep my team-mate's fingers awake

Style, if I look cool, then it doesn't really matter where the ball goes
Timing, I'm most keen to draw defenders away from the next man in possession
How Irish are you?
100% How dare you?!
Eh... Irish enough I suppose

Ah, listen I'm not really, but I would like to play international rugby
What's your absolute favourite thing to do on a rugby field?
Skating through a defence untouched
Ripping a long pass out wide

Tactical kicking
Smashin' 'em, bro
How do you react after a big win?
Hard to keep me out of the heart of the celebrations, to be honest
Ah, I just keep myself to myself.
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