Get the Party Started

How to throw a Champions League final party in 9 easy steps

Get the beer, sausages and spare kit ready.

9. Dust down the Lederhosen from your trip to Oktoberfest

Image: AJM/AJM/EMPICS Entertainment

8. And don’t forget your hipster glasses

GIF: 101 Great Goals

7. Hire an Oompah band

YouTube: mirukia

6. And book your ticket for the sausage train

Image: St. Pauli

5. Pretend it’s Wednesday and phone in sick Sunday morning

Image: JON SUPER/AP/Press Association Images

4. Get your friends to make a fan wall

3. And maybe even invite some of the players to join the party

YouTube: TheBeanyman62

2. Don’t forget to pack a spare kit for after the final whistle

Image: Frank Augstein/AP/Press Association Images

1. Finally, hire the Countdown Clock for both teams’ inevitable injury time wobbles

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