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Charles Barkley didn't realise he was on air and called an endorsement a 'scam'

The NBA legend cannot understand why he gets paid for losing a few pounds here and there.

CHARLES BARKLEY THOUGHT the cameras were off during commercial break of TNT’s broadcast of the Hawks-Heat game last night.

But was streaming live when Barkley went on one of his funny mini-rants and called his Weight Watchers endorsement a “scam.”

“I thought this was the greatest scam going—getting paid for watching sports—this Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam,” he said.

To be fair, he never said that Weight Watchers itself was a scam (he talked about how he lost two pounds a week for three months).

He’s saying it’s a scam that all he has to do is lose weight to get paid gobs and gobs of money.

Here’s the video (via @CoquiJon):

YouTube credit: giveittime02

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