'The boy won the lotto' - Conor McGregor crashed Nate Diaz's Conan appearance last night

I won the bleedin’ lotto!

AS THE PROMOTION for UFC 202 cranks up, Nate Diaz was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s talk show last night.

And guess who sent a short video message.

“I’m taking this contest very, very seriously,” Conor McGregor said as Diaz watched on from the studio. “I’ve flown in specific body types to replicate Nate’s skinny, tall frame.

“The boy won the lotto the last time. He knows it. I know it. Well, 20 August I get my revenge and I look forward to it.

“I just hope he’s not up on that stage wearing that stupid black t-shirt that he’s never out of,” the Dubliner added. “The boy has been wearing that same damn t-shirt for the past 20 years or something.”

Source: Team Coco/YouTube


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